16th Birthday gift idea - Creative way to give money - GAS CAN - New driver, new car, or off to college present

Seems like when the kids get older the best gift is either money or a gift card. Since most of my older son's friends are turning 16 and new drivers, we thought this would be a fun idea to give cash.


Gas Can
Curling Ribbon
Tape (removable if possible)

I found a gas can a Wal-Mart, used silver curling ribbon I had leftover from the office birthdays and decided on $20 cash.

They make a tape that is specifically made to be removed that we used on the surprise money cans for teacher appreciation, but I was out. I used tiny pieces of regular tape.

As I watched TV I wrapped each bill around a pencil and tapped the end. Slide it off the pencil and made a pile of all the rolled bills.

I added each bill on the curled ribbon like stringing beads.

I left a lot of extra ribbon at the end before cutting. I started at the first bill and spaced it about an inch and tied a short ribbon in between the two bills. 

I decided to do two short ribbons between each of the bills to make it more full looking.

I filled the gas can with money and attached the end to the nozzle.

When you removed the nozzle it pulls the bills out with it. 

I was telling a friend about this gift idea and she said it would be a creative way to give car keys to a new driver.  After the last bill have the keys attached. It would definitely be a cool surprise.

He loved it and so did his parents!

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