Zebra themed chocolate dipped Rice Krispies Treats with hot pink bling sticks - cute party idea - no bake treat

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I made these for our Red Carpet themed bingo a couple years ago and they were such a big hit. I decided to try a zebra print theme this time. 

Bling sticks are great for dipped marshmallows, Rice Krispies Treats, candy apples, lollipops, Oreos, cake pops, or any treat on a stick.

What you need to make bling treat sticks:
Bling ribbon or diamond wrap
4" paper or lollipop sticks
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

I searched Amazon for diamond ribbon and found several sizes and colors.

When measuring make sure you leave enough space at the end of the stick to add the treat.

I used 4" sticks and counted 13 faux rhinestones of ribbon.

I found this 1" bling ribbon at Dollar Tree. The other ribbon I used was 3/4" so I needed to trim a row off lengthwise. The width only needs to be four faux rhinestones.

Add hot glue to the first row and place the stick. 

Next add hot glue to the last row and roll the stick until the first and last row are touching. Gently press to down to secure the hot glue.


What you need to make the zebra themed treats:
Mini Squares Rice Krispies Treats
Black and white Candy Melts
Wilton icing tip #1 or #2

Melt candy melts and dip the stick just to cover the very end. 

Insert into Rice Krispies Treats and let dry. 

Melt candy melts and dip.

Let dry. You can place in the fridge for 3-5 mins.

Melt black candy melts and draw zebra lines. I started with Wilton tip #3 and it was way too large. I move down to a #2 tip but I think the #1 will give you more control to make thinner lines. 

Bagged and added a zebra ribbon. Ribbon purchased from Micheal's craft store.

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DIY large balloon number mosaic 3 - Hot pink, black & white, and zebra print theme - 3rd birthday large party decoration/backdrop

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I thought the luau themed #10 balloon number mosaic was my favorite but I really love how this number 3 turned out. 
I used black foam boards this time and it went great with the hot pink, black & white, zebra theme. 

Print template and arrange pages. See preview window while printing to make sure the layout is the same. Some printers are different. Pages could be vertical and 5 across.

Starting in the center helps keep everything straight. Tape pages together and cut out.

Foam boards purchased online from Dollar Tree. Search foam boards. They come in black and white. Even with shipping they are still the cheapest.

They sell them in packs of 25. I have purchased in store but the stock is sometimes sold out.

6 boards per most numbers. The #1 only takes 4 boards. 

Tape 3 boards together and tape the template down and trace.

Use a box cutter or exacto knife to cut from the foam board.
I'm using these from Amazon since you can just pop the end off and have a brand new blade.

Measure 6" wide template for the side pieces.

Trace the template to make 3 side pieces per boards.

Here are 2 boards cut making six side pieces. You will need approximately nine side pieces per number. (except #1 will use less)

For rounded edges lightly score the foam board about 1" sections. Be careful not to press too hard.

Gently press the foam board to open the scored lines. 

I use a regular hot glue gun to attach sides. 

Because the sides are 6" wide it stands pretty well. If you are going to use it outdoors you might want to add a stand. The last couple photos on my USA post show stands with weights to hold them in place. They were outside all day long and never moved. 

I purchased the balloons from Amazon

I used the leftover pink balloons from the Luau themed 10th balloon mosics.

The zebra and party print pink balloons came from a set. I decided not to use the mylar balloons.

I started using a low temp glue gun to attach balloons and I like it so much better. The balloons do not move. It does take a bit of time to wait for each one to dry and you have to watch out for glue strings. 

I've shared templates with hundreds of people and look at all this creativity!!!! So happy and they all turned out amazing!!! Thank you for sharing.

I love the lights!!!

The one is 6' 7"!!!

If you need a temple I have 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 and USA letters! Just send me an email!

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