Guest Book Picture Frame - Tutorial - ZEBRA and HOT PINK!

The original plan was to have her picture in the center but as the event got closer we didn't have a chance to do photos. PLAN B!!!

Super awesome, right!? I'm so excited she has this hanging in her room now!

I found this bathroom print at Wal-Mart for $9

Purchased a wooden M at Michael's craft store, spray painted and used holographic glitter

Very carefully peeled the paper backing and removed the matte and class. I used paper in between the backing and the frame to make sure not to spray paint the paper backing.

Used flat black spray paint

And then GLITTER BLAST!!! Since I painted the frame black I used Starry Night.

Finished with a clear sealer to make a nice gloss over the glitter.

I had leftover zebra print scrapbooking paper from my

After the event, you add the glass back in and now you have a nice way to remember your guests. Makes a neat keepsake. 

Like my cute table topiary? 
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  1. I’d like to feature this tutorial in my upcoming e-book for brides as a guest book alternative. If you are happy for me to include it, I would put in the ‘how to’ section from this page, your pictures that go with it and a link to your website crediting you & for readers to find out more.

    For me, my goal is to provide brides with a one-stop-shop book of all the best wedding craft ideas out there on the internet. I think your tutorial is brilliant and would fit perfectly. Hopefully for you it would generate new traffic as well as exposure to my followers & list.

    Let me know if you're happy for me to do this,