FUN pranks - April Fool's Day IDEAS for kids - sneaky FAKE Dinner/Dessert

2017 April Fool's Day Ideas


Remember the frozen cereal?? Well, it was a few years ago so I decided to do it again BUT change it up a little.

I pre-froze it the night before with a straw and in the morning I filled with a little more juice so it moved around on top. See my youngest reaction :)

"Why can't I drink my juice?!"

April Fool's Day - that's why!!! LOL! Oh the fun I have.
Frozen juice was a success!

I also hid breakfast in the saltines box.
NO PHOTO - SORRY (you can see the saltines box in the video)

BOYS: What's for breakfast?
ME: Jump up!
BOYS: What???
ME: Jump up and get your own breakfast. Lol! (I said it nice and joking of course)

ME: Look, I don't have time this morning so just have crackers. {{tossed a box of saltines on the table}}

It was really a cereal I NEVER buy (chocolate cookie something cereal) or I was going to fill with donuts but was afraid they would get all messy when they moved the box or when I tossed it on the table.

They loved it! :) Breakfast was a success. You have to start out strong because then they think EVERYTHING is a joke after that. Very very suspicious. I will say both boys asked for MEAN pranks again this year but I'm still trying to get over the oreos and toothpaste incident a few years ago.
Here is the video of me prankin' my kid. Poor baby.

I decided not to plan a lunch prank to keep them guessing. I told them I only planned breakfast. Sorry boys. Meanwhile -  ME: Mwahahahaha

I did plan the usual pranks throughout the day:

My Shoes Don't Fit Prank

Oh and this is a favorite

DINNER - Cake Pops & grilled cheese!!

I've done a meatloaf cake in the past and this is a new spin on that idea as well.

CAKE POPS - Meatballs & mash potatoes
Cooked meatballs and made regular mashed potatoes.

I colored the mashed potatoes and "frosted" the meatballs. 

Placed in the fridge for about 15 mins to make the icing a little more stiff. I gently pressed down the mashed potatoes to make them look a little smoother.

GRILLED CHEESE - Pound cake & frosting.
Colored icing yellow.

Slices pre-made pound cake.

Parchment paper and made "cheese" slices.
Put in the freezer for 30 mins.

I used a spatula to remove the squares and placed on pound cake slices.

They begged for days if I would make them "grilled cheese" for dinner again. I made several extra slices of "cheese" so they finished off the cake over the next few days. Fun!

My oldest was NOT impressed. Teenagers are hard but as he took a bite of his grilled cheese he busted out laughing. He thought the only prank was the cake pops.

Another fun April Fool's Day! :)

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