April Fool's Day FUN Jokes / Pranks for KIDS - Nothing mean - Breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas!

Who loves April Fool's Day??? I DO! I DO!
I did all of this for April Fool's day but what a sneaky surprise ANY day. Some random fun for sure.

(WARNING: Lots of photos)

Oh, I got my boys good today and we keep it all fun and nothing mean.  I wanted their day to be a great  with no tears BUT they really wanted something mean. Weird. I guess easy to say until it happens to you. We'll see how that works out next year.

This year....
They woke up to a bedroom filled with cat, bear and bunny balloons. 

PHASE ONE - complete!!!

WAKE-UP - Bedroom full of silly balloons. Too old? No way! They thought it was crazy and at first thought it was our cat's birthday since I usually fill their room with balloons for their birthday.

I found these at HEB 

Dog "helping" with balloons

BREAKFAST- Frozen bowls of cereal (with the spoon) to start 

Freeze the bowl of cereal with a spoon and in the morning add a little fresh milk so it looks real.

This was the note under the bowl
and then the REAL breakfast, well not really. HAHA!!

It looks like an egg and toast BUT.....

It's vanilla yogurt,  half of a peach and sliced marble creme loaf cake. They had a dark apple loaf cake that looked like wheat toast but I thought this one would taste better. 
The boys were so excited and asked what kind of bread it was and if their sandwich could be made out of it.

LOVE how it turned out

I actually made ham, egg and cheese breakfast burritos. They both had state testing today and I wanted them to have something other than sugar. :)

FRIDGE ALIVE - Googly or wiggly eyes on everything in the fridge

They laughed at this one.

SHOE STUFF - Shoes too small? Why won't they fit? I stuffed the front with tissue paper. :)

One was tricked but gave it away for my other son....darn it!

PHASE TWO - complete!!! 
LUNCH - Baby food, Cheetos bag and pop top can of beans filled with something else (bag and can both re-sealed from the bottom), string cheese and water bottle with googly eyes, and a box of jello. YUMMMM and nutritious! 

What I put in their lunch. I forgot to picture the yogurt. It went in the bag of Cheetos with the cookies.

I had to cut the sandwich into triangles to fit in the baby food package

Everything opened from the bottom or side


Cookies and yogurt (not pictured)

Pretzels. These are the leftovers (spade and diamond) from this post. I opened the can from the bottom, saved the beans and washed the can. Then filled with pretzels and little April Fool's Day sticker and sealed with hot glue. 

Googly eyes :) Some are stickers and some I used hot glue to attach.

DEAD BATTERIES - Tape over computer mouse censor  - Classic April Fool's Day prank.

PHASE THREE - in the works!!! 
DINNER-  Chocolate cake for dinner and fish sticks, mash potatoes with gravy, baked beans,  and peas and carrots for dessert. I had too many photos so I broke it up into two posts.

Hope this gives you some ideas for next April Fool's or just to have a little fun! 

BTW, the boys got me back with the blue "death screen" as my screen background. ARGGGG! Good one!


Dog Poo Cupcakes

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