Quick TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK idea/gift - FREE downloadable - FLOWER tag

I made these last year for Teacher Appreciation Week. I like this idea because it was fairly inexpensive, made SEVEN (only pictured six and I'll explain later in the post,) and you can pre-make these the night before!!!!

Flowers with tags that say, "If Teachers were flowers I'd pick you!" Awwww!

Wet paper towels
Bouquet of flowers
Ziplock bags
Clear gift bags
Tissue paper

I cut the flowers separating them and trimming down the size

Wrap each bunch with a wet paper towel. I did this so they would still look fresh in the morning and last through the day for the teachers. 

Place in a ziplock bag and seal it up to the edge of the flowers. 

Fold bag up (just to make it smaller)

Wrap in tissue paper

Clear plastic gift bag


Cut tags or hole punch the corner

I used double sided tape to attach these but you could tie the tag on with the ribbon.


I know I only picture six but it's because I ran out of teal tissue paper and the random blue tissue (see the left side) looked funny in all the pictures. :)


Click HERE to download 4x6 Teacher Appreciation Flower tag for FREE
(then right click and save)

Send this file to a 1hr photo lab for easy printing or print at home

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  1. Thanks again for the free printable! Tomorrow the PTA is asking for us to bring teachers flowers. I blew up 6" heart balloons, tied them to No.2 pencils, and added your perfect printable. Again...thanks!!

    1. You are so welcome. Oh that sounds super cute! Great idea. Thank you for taking the time to comment!