Spring Floral Arrangement - Outside Topiary - Entryway decorations {{quick and easy}}

So today I was tired of my porch looking so dreary. It looked that way because all my plants were dead and very crispy. 
See!? Very crispy

We keep having a random freeze so I can't plant anything real. Boooo!  I decided to use some floral vines (past photo props) I had and Micheal's has all floral on sale for 60% off right now. Worked out perfect! 

Ooooh color!!!!

This is what the other before - before looked like last summer.

These are all real flowers and plants. So pretty. 

In the meantime while the weather decides if it's spring or winter....

 I purchased the green and purple flowers at Micheal's, had the floral vines and found these large flower decorations I purchased at Hobby Lobby last year. I used some to decorate the front office at the school and these were leftovers. 

I took the floral vine and measure to cut in half

I took out everything and filled with mulch. Why mulch? Because we had it. :) If I had dirt I would've used that. 

Separated with a wire cutter

Filled around the tulips 

The vine filled in the empty space perfect!

It looked great but I really wanted to add these giant flowers

Hot glued dowels to the back

I LOVE the color. 
I have two planters on my front porch and the other one has the blue and orange flowers. It started to rain so I didn't get a good photo of both.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. This is a great idea! We freeze regularly here in WI before mid-may - off to Michaels I go for flowers!

  2. Superb Ideas..All the arrangement are gorgeous and best to make beautiful outside. Thanks for sharing Elena.