Pink & gold 4 tier square money cake - Birthday gift idea - Great for weddings, graduation, showers, or just a creative way to give cash

I wanted it to be $100 but it ended only being $94. I liked the spacing so I'm okay with it. Next time I might make them a little closer to make room for the $6.

Cake tiers forms
$1 bills or any other amount
T-pins or straight pins
Wooden dowel

Pick up brand new bills at the bank. This made it so much easier and look nicer.

Purchased styrofoam squares from Michael's.

Started by making a template of the angle of the folded bills. I added a sticky note to mark where to fold each bill. I lined them up and matched the edge of the sticky note. 

Having all the bills the same will make the cake look so much better. A small detail that makes a big difference.

For the square I started in the corner matching the first bill to the edge. Then I folded the next bill over the edge.

I used small stick pins to attach bills and I tried to place them all in the same spot.

I used wooden dowels to secure each tier.

1st tier - $10
2nd tier - $25
3rd tier - $27
Bottom tier - $32

I used satin 1 1/2" ribbon to decorate the base of each tier. It also hides all the stick pins.
I used a stick pin in the back to attach to the ribbon.

I used the entire 4 yards for 4 tiers.

4x6 pink & gold glitter tag - 1 per print.
Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, print lab or print at home.
(Click link below and right click and save)

I added an additional gold glitter ribbon to each tier.

I was a nice centerpiece and gift. She was thrilled.

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