Special notes - Valentine's Day COUNTDOWN! {{advent}} FUN for the kids

Super cute advent calendar to countdown the days to Valentine's Day. I made this to go on the side of our fridge. Love how it turned out!

I found the plastic heart boxes at HEB (grocery store) for $1.25 and I just happen to have stickers that had a bunch of exclamation marks for all the ones :) Magnets were purchased at Michael's Craft Store.

hot glued magnets to the back


Caramel kisses....yummmmm!

BUT I thought it would be cute to add little notes that say what I love about them in each heart. So I made these adorable....A-DOR-A-BLE mini envelopes made from a heart!!! :)

I colored a little heart on the back of each one and on the front it says To: and one for each boy 

The boys are soooooo excited to open them!

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RUBBER BAND bracelets - Make it {{without}} a loom! VIDEO TUTORIAL

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Update: Giveaway already ended

These are now the latest craze in the schools around here. Latex free rubber band bracelets and necklaces.

We are making the single pattern WITHOUT a loom!!! I think it's much easier and takes less time. If you are making more advanced patterns you will need the loom. 

Rubber bands with "C" clips!!!!

You just fold, put the next color through the loops, and fold...repeat until you have the desired length

We used 19 for my little boy (small wrist) and he likes the long open rubber band at the end. ((80 for the necklace))

You can use a C clip that comes with the rubber bands or watch the video for an optional way to end the bracelets. 

The looms and rubber bands are sold out in most stores here and our Michael's Craft store didn't even know what they were. :( We purchased one from Amazon along with the rubber bands.

In the craft room making MORE!!!

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Minecraft wrapping ((CREEPER)) - BONUS head you can wear!

Never heard of Minecraft? Well, it's a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out so you better have a shelter. I've watched hours of this game until I usually fall asleep. The elevator lullaby background music always gets me. 

Anyway, my son loves it and so do many of his friends. This was a gift box I helped my son make.

Minecraft TM
Mojang Specifications
All rights reserved.

This is a Creeper...what's a Creeper? It's a hostile mob that will ambush players and explode, causing damage to the player and the surrounding blocks and entities. Oh dear! I can't tell you the Disney princesses but I know all the names of Minecraft, COD, Marvel, etc. Mom of boys :)

Found this shirt and band on Amazon. My son LOVED it and was so happy this was the gift he was giving. Always a nice feeling when you know someone will love what you picked out. 


We just happened to have a perfectly square box! YAY!!! As an extra detail we filled it with different shades of green tissue paper. 

I printed a sample creeper picture and thought of using paper to cover the box but the squares were not exact and I couldn't get them exact for anything. Each one was just a little different...UGH!!! New plan....

I knew I had different shades of green in this marker set

Creeper colors!!!

Drew the face and colored it in

Measured lines evenly on the box to make mini squares

Then he started coloring :)

I sealed the box with hot glue on the top and had them open the present from the bottom. Now you just use an exacto knife and cut out the black squares and you have a CREEPER HEAD you can wear!!!!

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Valentine's Day PHOTO IDEAS for BOYS/kids - personalized cards

Pre-made cards work great because the kids usually just care about the candy attached, right!? Every year I'm so torn. I just love the look of personalized photo cards and try to plan with plenty of time ....and others....well, last year I made them THE DAY BEFORE!!!! 
It's a little more time consuming but the feedback and excitement from the kids is priceless. 

I started making these cute little Valentine's when my oldest son started Kindergarten. Each one is personalized and we always made two different cards. One for boys and one for girls :) We attached a fun dip to the back of each card.

For the girls

For the boys

For family and friends

For the girls

For the boys

For family and friends

For the girls

For the boys

For family and friends

I did these so last minute and he only had a white shirt that fit...ugh. Looks better with red or black background or a black shirt.

The cards for the boys and girls only differed by one or two pictures

For friends and family



I made these the night before and so they weren't personalized this year but still turned out really cute!

For Friends and Family



Still planning :)


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