Special notes - Valentine's Day COUNTDOWN! {{advent}} FUN for the kids

Super cute advent calendar to countdown the days to Valentine's Day. I made this to go on the side of our fridge. Love how it turned out!

I found the plastic heart boxes at HEB (grocery store) for $1.25 and I just happen to have stickers that had a bunch of exclamation marks for all the ones :) Magnets were purchased at Michael's Craft Store.

hot glued magnets to the back


Caramel kisses....yummmmm!

BUT I thought it would be cute to add little notes that say what I love about them in each heart. So I made these adorable....A-DOR-A-BLE mini envelopes made from a heart!!! :)

I colored a little heart on the back of each one and on the front it says To: and one for each boy 

The boys are soooooo excited to open them!

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  1. Cute, cute, cute!

    Can't wait to see the boys' V-Day pics.