FOOTBALL cupcakes with 3D chocolate design - SUPERBOWL party idea

My hubby went to a Super Bowl party so I made some cupcakes. I tried to make them burgundy and purple but they looked like Valentine's day cupcakes instead of 49ers and Ravens :/ Plan B

Chocolate and Vanilla with buttercream icing. SO CUTE!!!

Melted some chocolate candy melts - same as this post
and filled a ziplock bag

trimmed the edge just a tiny bit

made my football

Wax paper over it


Moved wax paper up

and repeat!

Placed in the fridge for just a few minutes

Peeled off the wax paper and turned over to use the flat side

added the laces and let them dry

"Grass" tip :)

Big cupcake tip

Football sprinkles

And Ta-Daaaaa!

Easy way to make chocolate designs

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