Chocolate Dipped MARSHMALLOWS - TUTORIAL - Quick and EASY treat - Party idea

Always a favorite and so easy to make. 

LOVE these straws and was going to order online but ran out of time. I went to my favorite store {{Micheal's}} and THEY HAD THEM!!!! YAY!!!!

They were the exact ones I wanted, little hearts and stripes

They also had these cute micro heart sprinkles

I used candy melts same as HERE
I like to dip the end before inserting in the marshmallow because they stay together so much nicer

I set them in a glass while they dried. It's really really fast!

Then dipped in chocolate and sprinkles

Again in the glass while they dried

Love these little bags. I purchased them at Micheal's but they sell them at party stores or Wal-Mart

Then added a little red ribbon

I wanted them to be personalized so I made these little tags

They print out on a 4x6 photo that you can send to your local 1hr photo lab. 

I used my FAVORITE PUNCH with the scalloped edges or a CIRCLE PUNCH will work too

Click HERE to download 4x6 Happy Valentine's Day tags for FREE
(right click and save)

They were a HUGE hit!!!

They have a personalized tag in the back...awww

Remember THESE rubber band bracelets my son was obsessed making!? He made Vday ones for the girls.....yes, GIRLS with a S!!!! Oh dear! 3rd grade and I'm in trouble :/

Little box of chocolates, dipped marshmallow and the bracelet in a small pink bag. 

We also made something similar for all the teachers with Lindor truffles.

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Thank you for stopping by!

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