Chocolate Dipped MARSHMALLOWS - TUTORIAL - Quick and EASY treat - TIPS - Valentine's Day Party Idea

So easy to make and always a huge hit. 

LOVE these straws and was going to order online but ran out of time. I went to my favorite store {{Micheal's}} and THEY HAD THEM!!!! YAY!!!!

They were the exact ones I wanted, little hearts and stripes.

They also had these cute micro heart sprinkles.

I used candy melts same as HERE

Dip the end of the straw or stick and attach marshmallow. Let dry prior to dipping the end of the marshmallows. This is a huge tip I wouldn't skip. This will prevent the marshmallow from falling off the straw or stick.

I set them in a glass while they dried. It's really really fast!

Then dipped the end of the marshmallow in chocolate and sprinkles.

Back in the glass to let dry.

Love these little bags. I purchased them at Micheal's but they sell them Wal-Mart, party store, or online.

Then added a little red ribbon.

Added a little Happy Valentine's Day tag.

I used a 1 7/16 scalloped lever punch or a 1" circle punch. Both purchased at Michael's.


4x6 size - 8 tags per print.
Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, print lab or print at home.
(Click link below and right click and save.)

Click HERE to download 4x6 Happy Valentine's Day tags for FREE
(right click and save)

Made them for 2 classes, teachers, and neighbors.

They have a personalized tag in the back...awww

Remember THESE rubber band bracelets my son was obsessed making!? He made Vday ones for the girls.....yes, GIRLS with a S!!!! Oh dear! 3rd grade and I'm in trouble :/

Little box of chocolates, dipped marshmallow and the bracelet in a small pink bag. 

We also made something similar for all the teachers with Lindor truffles.

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

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