Box full of hugs and kisses - care package idea - great for birthdays or just a "thinking of you" surprise - heart filled gift

I love sending little care packages. I found these monogram boxes at Michael's a while back. I decided these would be cute for my Mom, MIL, and all my aunts for their birthdays or Mother's day. I only have one aunt left that I'll mail later this year. 

Sending the box filled with hugs & kisses. 
I've actually mailed packages with Hershey's hugs and kisses but it's too hot now.

I used neon paper and matching Sharpie markers. 

I used two pieces of paper at a time and cut hearts with a heart shaped lever punch.

I'm not sure how many hearts but 8 pieces of paper (2 of each color) filled two small boxes.

I used the matching Sharpie to write HUG and KISS on the hearts.

I folded two at a time and separated before putting in the box.

I sent this one earlier this year.
Box with a personalized 3D printed keychain.

I used pastel paper for this one. 

I've also sent just the hearts (and cash) as a little "Sending some love" surprise

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2nd birthday balloon number mosaic - Pink & Gold theme - DIY large party decoration idea - How to make tutorial - FREE template

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I made a 2nd birthday balloon mosaic and I love how it turned out. With a house full of boys it was nice to create something girly. 

I have three other video tutorials on how to make the mosaic numbers and one for USA letters. Each one shows something a little different based on questions I received from people.

I purchased all the balloons on Amazon. My favorite are the Qualatex but I didn't have time to order the 12". 

Pearl White 12" (from a multi pack)
Metallic Pink 12" (not pictured- from a multi pack)

Open PDF file in Adobe and print as a poster. Change to 500% under tile scale. 
Print in grayscale and in draft mode to save ink.

UPDATE: To use less paper - don't click CUT MARKS or LABELS when printing.
Some people lose track of how to lay the pages out but if you start horizontal across the top 4 pages and then start the next row below it. See photo of pages taped. 

I have templates available for 0, 1, 2, 6, 8. Just email me.

It takes 3 foam boards for the back or base of the number. 

For rounded edges, lightly score lines 1" - 1 1/2" apart on a side piece.

Gently press to open up the scored lines.

Be careful not to press too hard.

I have two video tutorials with more information.

I used a hand pump to inflated a bunch of balloons the night before and stored in a trash bag.
  I start by filling the number with balloons for a general idea of how many more balloons I need.
I used 16 - 12" balloons filled with 10 pumps of air with a hand pump and 6 gold 12" balloons filled with small amounts of air. I filled the rest with 5" balloons with one, two, or three pumps of air. 

Then I use glue dots to secure balloons in place. I ordered some on Amazon - 3000 (30 rolls of 100)

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Snack bags for delivery drivers - THANK YOU for UPS, USPS, FedEX, mail carrier APPRECIATION ideas - outsmarting raccoons

I love having snacks or treats on the porch for delivery drivers as a little thank you. 

I just made this hanging snack bag holder because we have the cutest furry porch pirates stealing snacks. 

I made this snack and drink bucket two years ago and the drivers love it! I've had some write thank you notes and even dance with excitement. Two years with no issues and then ....raccoons. 


It started with just one raccoon and then they brought a friend.

I made the snack bucket smaller but they still knocked it over. I finally had to remove it. ((sniffle))

I came up with the new idea of hanging the snack bags.

I printed the tag a little smaller and purchased bags from Michael's.

I also thought it would be funny to show why the snacks were gone for the last week. 

I used leftover supplies in my craft room to make a hanging triangle with hooks. 

Keychain ring
3 - Screw in cup hooks
I measured equal spacing for the hooks.

Two of the cup hooks had drywall dust. Not sure where I used them but they came in handy for this project. 

It was a little tough to screw in the cup hooks. Once I got it started the pliers were a must to finish twisting. Saved my fingers.

I added the keychain ring to the middle of the ribbon for hanging.

Hot glued the ends of the ribbon around the sides of the dowel. Wrapped the dowel with ribbon and added a little hot glue every other row.

I change up the snacks for holidays or weather. For summer I try to find stuff that won't melt. 
Crackers, chips, beef jerky, etc.

I wanted the bags to be higher and easy for the drivers to grab and go.

Fingers crossed they can't get up that high. 

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