Send a ball in the mail - fun summer "thinking of you" idea - Hope you have a BALL this summer - USPS

I love this idea and so did everyone that received it! Such a fun and unexpected mail delivery. 
It was super easy and no label needed. 

UPDATE: 2 of the 3 balls arrived. One had a texture and I think the postage fell off.  I lost tracking a couple days after it was mailed. The other two were smooth plastic balls and arrived perfectly!

I wrote "Hope you have a BALL this summer!" on each ball with black Sharpie.

Just above it I wrote the address directly on the ball. No sticker or label. 

Brought them to the post office and they didn't even seem surprised I wanted to mail a ball. Most of the people in line were interested though.

The hardest part was getting the ball to balance on the scale. 

Cost about $4.80 to mail. Kinda pricey compared to what the ball cost but such a fun idea.  I would definitely do it again.

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