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I did a tutorial when I first started and I'm still obsessed. Fluid painting is oddly satisfying and looks super cool. 

I wanted to follow up with a technique that is my favorite ((right now)) and I'm getting ready to create a HUGE canvas after many many many practice runs. 

I'll go over the technique first and made a quick tutorial video. I'm still using everything from my first tutorial but I'll add it here as well. 

Pour and drag technique. Super easy and you have a little more control over the colors.
Light green, turquoise, silver, metallic black, and metallic white - purchased at Michael's.

First you want to mix your paints and have everything ready. 

 1 part paint and 2 parts Floetrol
2-4 drops of silicone - add silicone to all the colors EXCEPT your base color on the canvas (if any) AND the color you drag across the top.

I painted the canvas black and started pouring the paints while it was still wet. 
I don't have an exact amount of paint but just played around with layering colors. 

To create the cells, take a damp paper towel and dip the end into the paint (without silicone added) and gently drag it across the layered colors. 
The cells instantly appear.

Use the butane torch to pop any additional air bubbles and more cells will start to open. 

I did shift the canvas a tiny bit to get one side to run off the edge a little more.

I love how it turned out!! 

Quick video here

Now for the supplies. 

What you need:

I prefer the higher quality paints but I still mix all brands. 

Plastic cups - 9oz

Popsicle or craft sticks - purchased at Michael's craft store.

Floetrol or paint medium.

Silicone - (It says treadmill belt lubricant but it's 100% silicone)
Butane torch (to pop air bubbles)
Trash bag or table cover

This is the one I use from Amazon - Butane or blow torch. I also purchased the refill cartridge. I've had this for months and still haven't replaced the original cartridge. 

First you need to mix the paint to make it more pour-able by adding a medium. I ordered Floetrol online from Amazon but I think Home Depot or Lowes carry it as well. Michael's carries a few mediums but they are much pricier.

 1 part paint and 2 parts Floetrol worked best for me. Mix well.

You are trying to create a pourable consistency.

Add silicone and mix again. I usually add 2-4 drops per cup. DO NOT ADD silicone to the color you will drag over the top or the base color you paint the canvas (if any at all.)

After I was happy with the results I used a popsicle stick gently around the bottom of the canvas to remove excess paint and prevent dried drips from forming.

I usually leave it to dry until morning and then gently move it off the cups I used to elevate the canvas or re-adjust so it can dry under those areas. It will still be wet so be careful. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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