DIY Flip flop makeover - Dollar store finds - How to make tutorial - Kanzashi ribbon flower with rhinestone brooch - Fancy ribbon wrapped

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I found all these cute flip flops at Dollar Tree. 

They turned out so cute!!!

Hot glue gun / glue sticks
Mini jewelry pliers
Ribbon (sizes below)
Flip flops
Rhinestone or large jewel

 I used 1/4 inch ribbon and it took 2 1/2 yards to wrap the entire flip flop.

Now for how to make the ribbon flower. I did a full tutorial previously for a corsage and boutonniere for more details. 
Here's just a quick how to or watch my video tutorial.

I used 1 1/2 inch ribbon.


Cut, fold, fold again

Trim and melt with a lighter
Trim and melt with a lighter

Hot glue together

I found these on Amazon and was originally going to use them the Halloween wedding bouquet. I  had to re-ordered to get two of each one. I'll use them eventually on other projects. Each one is different and so pretty. 

I'm working on these next!

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