Surprise APRIL FOOL'S DAY package for Nana/Grandma - {{Hugs & Kisses}} Sneaky "We miss you" treat - Fun IDEA for the kids

The boys love to send their Nana little packages because she always sends them. They know how exciting it is to receive a little surprise in the mail. 

This is what she will open tomorrow for April Fool's Day.
Lol. She sometimes reads my blog. 

I love hiding things in something that look like something else. Remember the bread post? I feel I'm obsessed. Random items I often question if something else will fit. 

I've also used these pop top cans (label removed) for holding little gifts and they are always a huge hit. I have a post {{unfinished}} all about it.  Whomp whomp. :/


How to pick the pop top can. You want the cans that are three pieces. Top, middle, bottom. Those have a little lip on the bottom that you can use a can opener on. If it's just two pieces you won't be able to open the can.

This makes it so easy to close and seal at the end

Open and removed contents. Clean and dry really well.

Don't throw contents out!!!!! 
I store in containers and use later. Some items I have to get a little creative when planning just to use and others will be great sides for dinner.

I took this pic of the boys to add inside of the cans

Cut them down to size to fit each can. All three have the same photo. Really cute if I changed it up but didn't think of it until we were putting them together. 

I decided to attach the photo to the top of the pop top. This way when she opens the can the photo comes out too. I folded the very top of the photo and hot glued it down.

What's inside the cans you ask???

Hugs and kisses!!! The boys punched out 200+ hearts and they wrote KISS or HUG on each one. There are 100 of each. I counted. ALL. OF. THEM. This would've been a great job for them but I finished everything really late.

Then a giant heart note that folds down to a little envelope. Instructions for the envelope HERE

The envelope went in first. Then all the hugs and kisses. 
The other two cans have a mix of hersey hugs and kisses. :)

Used Easter grass to pack the bottom. This keeps everything in place and when sealing it keeps the hot glue off everything inside.

Hot glue edges. Doesn't matter if it doesn't look great. No one looks at the bottom until it's opened. 

Boxed and ready to send. She is instructed not to open until tomorrow! Boys can't wait to see what she thinks. :)

Sneak peek of my arsenal for tomorrow!!!! Boys better be ready!

Sorry for the bad lighting and splicing. Really quick vid to show you what pranks, fake out food and other fun stuff for the boys tomorrow. 

Hope everyone has a great April Fool's Day!

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Younger kids - NO CANDY Easter basket IDEAS for a BOY and GIRL! - Perfect for toddlers - Quick and EASY!

ONE week left until EASTER!!!! These are two quick baskets I made last year for younger children. Girl 3 and boy 18 month. I opted for a toy theme vs candy. I bet their Mom appreciated that. :D

Found everything at Micheal's craft store. Most items were a $1 or a little more. I also had a 20% off coupon so .....score! Extra savings make me happy. 

My favorite was the bunny clip on ears.....A-DOR-A-BLE!

The bunny was from HEB and scented like chocolate. Kinda grossed me out but both kids loved it. 

I also mailed a little package to my niece. 

I did give these out separately for Mom to decide if she wanted to make them for the kids. 
Instructions and free downloadable tag HERE

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Smaller egg 

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EASTER Color Coded / Coordinated Egg Hunt - LOVE THIS IDEA! Great for all kids - mixed ages - toddlers to big kids

Quick post -

Color coded / coordinated egg hunt. This is genius! 
Stops fighting, hot eyeballs (what we call crying,) and especially egg hogs!! Geez, why didn't I think of this when my boys were younger!?

No crying
No hogging
No fighting

Well, maybe limits some of this :)

We've had a few hot eyeball egg hunts in the past. We joke it's like prison rules when we say go. LOL! Hard elbows and oh the memories of the "accidental" trip that stopped the hunt for a half hour. :/

Okay, so a GREAT IDEA for multi age egg hunts too. Just think, you can make it easier for the younger ones and trickier spots for the older kids.

Just wanted to share :)

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BEST. PIE. EVER. {{Key Lime}} Super Easy Recipe - THREE ingredients! Creamy and delicious

I made this for National Pi Day ((an apple pie too.))  I can't tell you how amazingly delicious it was and top pick over the apple pie. ONLY three ingredients...THREE!

And if you're like me, I'm still amazed that key lime pie is not green. If you knew that already....yeah, me too. Lol. Seriously, it should be green! I almost feel tempted to add a little food color just to make it green. Ooooh that would fit in my St. Patrick's Day green day theme. 

I searched online at first and most have very similar ingredients but just different variations of how much of what. I read comments and some didn't fill the pie crust, grainy and not creamy or not key limey enough. You get the idea. I was going for easy and awesome.

This recipe made the perfect amount, perfect key lime taste, perfect texture. EVERYTHING was perfect! 

I used fresh limes so the most time consuming part was getting the lime juice. 

1-  cup lime juice ((fresh took 16 limes but they were small))
2 - cans of sweetened condensed milk (14 ounce)
4 - egg yokes
1 - 9 inch prepared graham cracker pie crust
whip cream (optional)

POUR - I opted for a pre-made graham cracker crust but I bet home made would kick this pie up a notch...if that's possible. 


375 for 20-25 mins. Other recipes say 15 mins but just to be safe I baked a little longer. 

Best to let it chill for at least 2 hours (the hardest part, waiting.) Topped with whip cream. Tiny blobs shown here but I ended up covering the entire pie top. My boys love whip cream. 

DONE! Can you believe it's that easy!? Let me know if you try it and what you think. 

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NON- CANDY Easter Egg Filler IDEAS - Fun Hunt with novelty TOYS - HEALTHY alternative! Happy Mom, happy kids

I love the fun of egg hunting but all the candy. UGH! Not to mention it's all good candy too. Oh how my will power is tested. Plus the fear of the dentist....motherly guilt of my child possibly having a cavity. See? Not worth it! I'm already stressed. :)  

I don't cut out all candy. I'm not trying to be mean or anything. Just not ALL candy. See how many eggs we have?

When the boys were really little I filled with mini cookies, fruit snacks, grapes, goldfish, etc. Now that they are older it's little novelty toys.

party poppers
key chain
hex bug

or any small novelty toy

These little HEX bugs are the perfect size. 

MONEY!!! This is always a favorite. 

I collect little toys I find at Wal-Mart, Target, HEB but my favorite is Party City. They have a party favor section that's HUGE. Most items will fit.

Out of the package the farty blower will fit....get it? Instead of party I wrote farty. I know, don't quite my day job.

Key chains from Home Depot or Wal-Mart

Hope this helps!

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