National Pi Day - Don't forget to eat PIE!!! {{10 DIGITS}} March 14, 2015 - Once in a century -t-shirt, puzzle and a pi pie

So my son is obsessed with Pi. I type this but feel you can't really get the full effect of how obsessed. 

For example:
-He's been in trouble for reciting Pi in class...EVERY CLASS.
-The math and science teacher banned it all together and social studies teacher told him to save it for math but it's been banned.
-800 digits of Pi is taped on his locker
-The kids a grade under him call him the Pi Man because he wrote 150 digits on the board and they were all impressed.
-He wants to break some sort of Pi reciting world record.
-I've heard over and over, "Pi is an irrational mathematical number commonly used to find area and volume in circles and spheres in math." and not to mention the countless ramblings of numbers daily.

I think he knows 208 digits of Pi right now and he wants to be part of the Pi 1000 club....what? Yes, if you know a 1000 digits you can be a member. He plans to be the leader one day.

Okay, now that I think you might get the idea of what I'm talking about and can see how tomorrow, National Pi Day, is a big deal. 

But this Pi day is special because March 14, 2015 @ 9:26 (53 seconds) will be the only time in a century that National Pi Day will be 10 digits with date and time. Yeah, I'm not impressed either BUT my son is obsessed, remember?

Pi puzzle and his "I ate some Pi ....and it was delicious" shirt

3.14.15 shirt just for the BIG DAY! :)

We are making it again tonight and instead of an apple it has a Pi symbol. 

We (I) ended up making a key lime pie and a plain apple pie. They both turned out so awesome!
Here is the key lime pie recipe. SO EASY!

Oh how did the boys talk me into TWO pies!?

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