EASTER Color Coded / Coordinated Egg Hunt - LOVE THIS IDEA! Great for all kids - mixed ages - toddlers to big kids

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Color coded / coordinated egg hunt. This is genius! 
Stops fighting, hot eyeballs (what we call crying,) and especially egg hogs!! Geez, why didn't I think of this when my boys were younger!?

No crying
No hogging
No fighting

Well, maybe limits some of this :)

We've had a few hot eyeball egg hunts in the past. Now that I think of it, it's still like prison rules when we say go. Hard elbows and oh the memories of the "accidental" trip that stopped the hunt for a half hour. :/

Okay, so a GREAT IDEA for multi age egg hunts too. Just think, you can make it easier for the younger ones and trickier spots for the older kids.

Just wanted to share :)

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