EASTER Color Coded / Coordinated Egg Hunt - LOVE THIS IDEA! Great for all kids - mixed ages - toddlers to big kids

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Color coded / coordinated egg hunt. This is genius! 
Stops fighting, hot eyeballs (what we call crying,) and especially egg hogs!! Geez, why didn't I think of this when my boys were younger!?

No crying
No hogging
No fighting

Well, maybe limits some of this :)

We've had a few hot eyeball egg hunts in the past. We joke it's like prison rules when we say go. LOL! Hard elbows and oh the memories of the "accidental" trip that stopped the hunt for a half hour. :/

Okay, so a GREAT IDEA for multi age egg hunts too. Just think, you can make it easier for the younger ones and trickier spots for the older kids.

Just wanted to share :)

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