Surprise APRIL FOOL'S DAY package for Nana/Grandma - {{Hugs & Kisses}} Sneaky "We miss you" treat - Fun IDEA for the kids

The boys love to send their Nana little packages because she always sends them. They know how exciting it is to receive a little surprise in the mail. 

This is what she will open tomorrow for April Fool's Day.
Lol. She sometimes reads my blog. 

I love hiding things in something that look like something else. Remember the bread post? I feel I'm obsessed. Random items I often question if something else will fit. 

I've also used these pop top cans (label removed) for holding little gifts and they are always a huge hit. I have a post {{unfinished}} all about it.  Whomp whomp. :/


How to pick the pop top can. You want the cans that are three pieces. Top, middle, bottom. Those have a little lip on the bottom that you can use a can opener on. If it's just two pieces you won't be able to open the can.

This makes it so easy to close and seal at the end

Open and removed contents. Clean and dry really well.

Don't throw contents out!!!!! 
I store in containers and use later. Some items I have to get a little creative when planning just to use and others will be great sides for dinner.

I took this pic of the boys to add inside of the cans

Cut them down to size to fit each can. All three have the same photo. Really cute if I changed it up but didn't think of it until we were putting them together. 

I decided to attach the photo to the top of the pop top. This way when she opens the can the photo comes out too. I folded the very top of the photo and hot glued it down.

What's inside the cans you ask???

Hugs and kisses!!! The boys punched out 200+ hearts and they wrote KISS or HUG on each one. There are 100 of each. I counted. ALL. OF. THEM. This would've been a great job for them but I finished everything really late.

Then a giant heart note that folds down to a little envelope. Instructions for the envelope HERE

The envelope went in first. Then all the hugs and kisses. 
The other two cans have a mix of hersey hugs and kisses. :)

Used Easter grass to pack the bottom. This keeps everything in place and when sealing it keeps the hot glue off everything inside.

Hot glue edges. Doesn't matter if it doesn't look great. No one looks at the bottom until it's opened. 

Boxed and ready to send. She is instructed not to open until tomorrow! Boys can't wait to see what she thinks. :)

Sneak peek of my arsenal for tomorrow!!!! Boys better be ready!

Sorry for the bad lighting and splicing. Really quick vid to show you what pranks, fake out food and other fun stuff for the boys tomorrow. 

Hope everyone has a great April Fool's Day!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. You inspired me! I am going to pack my kids' lunch with random pantry items. I will show up to eat lunch with them at school and bring their real lunch. Thank you!

    1. Yay! I'm so glad. I absolutely LOVE this idea and it turned out perfect! The boys were so surprised. So welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment.