DIY Chicken Feeder -Tutorial -NO MORE spills! Food dispenser for the coop! Quick PVC project - EASY!!!!

These chickens scratch, dump, and knock over their food within minutes EVERYDAY. 
And then, Whaaat? We can't eat off the ground! {{that's chicken sarcasm}} :)

Then they just kick it around some more until it's blended in the dirt. At this point they realize they are "starving" and run to the back door or get on the couch outside to peek in the window to make sure we know they are "starving" again. UGH! Three feeder designs later and always the same thing. 

Until now!!!!! Answer to all our problems....well, at least with the problem of the wasteful chickens. 

I looked at some DIY ideas but they were kinda bulky {{and pricey}} for our coop. I just went to Home Depot and tried a few different parts. I actually tried a bunch and made a huge mess. Made the plumbing isle my DIY area. No one even came close to the crazy lady talking to herself. Quite a few sighs, huffs and the occasional "really??'s." I would find three parts in one size and switched sizes only to have the same problem.

I felt bad for the person cleaning the plumbing isle after me. I did apologize for the several pieces I got stuck. Oooopsy.

A. 3" cap slip ($4.23)
B. 3"x2" (pre-cut) PVC pipe ($8.83)
C. 3" wye ($5.83)
D. 3" cleanout adapter ($4.70)
E. {{3" twist cap}} Not sure what it's called (?) Twisty plug sounds good to me. 
F. 14 inch cable ties. Found in electrical. ($2.27)

I originally purchased TWO caps. (A) One for the top and one for the bottom. But the end of the wye piece is not 3" on the bottom and the cap won't fit over it. I couldn't find a 1/2 size up so I ended up buying D & E. It all worked out perfect.

Cost just over $25 and cheaper if you can just find another cap instead of the two end pieces, use 2" and cut your own PVC pipe. Pre-cut cost more. {{I was being lazy}} Worth it not to waste so much food. Plus we now only fill it once a week compared to everyday.

So nosey


TIME TO MAKE - 5 mins. That includes attaching it. 

UNLESS you have "helpers" and by helpers I mean NOT helping. 

More like peaking me in the face. 

And I stopped to pet Gertie 

Attached with two cable ties


Happy girls and happy Mama! Oh and my boys are happy not to refill the food every single day. Oh and hubby is happy the food will last longer and not cost as much. HAPPY FAMILY! 

After turning the PVC feeder facing a little to the back of the coop.....DOGS.... NOT happy. They can't eat the food anymore. YAY!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. love this! thanks for sharing. how did it work out for you? is there anything you would have done differently? we're in the 'chicken planning phase' and i'm hoping to makes some soon ~

  2. Awesome post!! I was thinking to make something like this!! I only have one question, how do you refill it? It looks like its inside the chicken coop but I don't see the top part of it. Thanks in advance.

    1. Good question. It's hard to see when it's installed but look at the first photo at part A. That piece is a little bigger and basically sits on top. I just lift it off and fill the tube. I could've made it a little smaller since it takes them a long time to empty it. IF I'm super lazy and don't feel like climbing in to open part A and fill to the top, I will just dump food in part C. :)