Happy Birthday JUMBO lollipop tag - Great present idea - PERSONALIZED

I made these for a few birthday parties the last two weeks and they were such a huge hit.

Tags are printed on 4x6 photo paper and lollipops are from Walgreens for $1

Just trim edges

I attached with hot glue just because that's how I attach it to the package. You could use double sided tape.

See!? Hot glue to the back. This also hide the sugary (non) nutritional info. 

Holds really really well. Sucker is heavy but hot glued it doesn't move. You can stand the package up too. 

Because I love how these turned out I decided to make some for you guys!!! (Sorry only a limited number) Not sure if I'll get 4 requests or 100 so I'm setting my limit at 10 people and I'll do two custom labels each. You will get a file image emailed to you to reprint at home or send to a photo lab. I will not physically mail you anything. This is only electronic. 

FREE custom personalized lollipop labels to create this super cute birthday package accessory!

I gave the option to leave blank so you could maybe change the TO: name by writing it in or a editing program and From: with your child's name. You can also change the To and From text color. Doesn't have to be red.

Please email info above to Craftibilities@gmail.com and I'll send you a personalized 4x6 picture file to print at home or send to a photo lab. 

Click HERE to download 4x6 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEMPLATE tag for FREE
(right click and save)

Send the file to a 1hr photo lab for easy printing or print at home

Here are some others I've made recently

I changed the girl tag to hot pink outline and text to match the present

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Quick TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK idea/gift - FREE downloadable - FLOWER tag

I made these last year for Teacher Appreciation Week. I like this idea because it was fairly inexpensive, made SEVEN (only pictured six and I'll explain later in the post,) and you can pre-make these the night before!!!!

Flowers with tags that say, "If Teachers were flowers I'd pick you!" Awwww!

Wet paper towels
Bouquet of flowers
Ziplock bags
Clear gift bags
Tissue paper

I cut the flowers separating them and trimming down the size

Wrap each bunch with a wet paper towel. I did this so they would still look fresh in the morning and last through the day for the teachers. 

Place in a ziplock bag and seal it up to the edge of the flowers. 

Fold bag up (just to make it smaller)

Wrap in tissue paper

Clear plastic gift bag


Cut tags or hole punch the corner

I used double sided tape to attach these but you could tie the tag on with the ribbon.


I know I only picture six but it's because I ran out of teal tissue paper and the random blue tissue (see the left side) looked funny in all the pictures. :)


Click HERE to download 4x6 Teacher Appreciation Flower tag for FREE
(then right click and save)

Send this file to a 1hr photo lab for easy printing or print at home

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Fun GIANT Easter Egg Hunt - Surprise the kids! COOL IDEA - NOT your average hunt or Easter basket

Change up the traditional egg hunt with these GIANT eggs! 

We've done this for the past few years in lieu of Easter baskets. Plus it's a super fun way to give non candy gifts. 

I found the giant at Micheal's craft store. I used a 40% coupon and made two visits (one coupon per visit) to get them a little cheaper. I just saw them today and I think they are $19 and you get 4 or 5. They are like nesting dolls, one large egg and each one fits inside the other. 

We still have a small egg hunt. 

The giant eggs are filled with gifts or novelties instead of candy. Don't get me wrong, they still get sugared up like crazy with lots of candy in the smaller eggs.

See? Still tons of sugar. Last year I put little games, colored mustaches, magic tricks, and toys in all the big eggs. 
We let them go crazy for 10 mins with the candy. Only a few pieces the next couple days and maybe in their lunch for a couple more days. Then we donate it. 

Boys having fun with the giant eggs :)

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Spring Floral Arrangement - Outside Topiary - Entryway decorations {{quick and easy}}

So today I was tired of my porch looking so dreary. It looked that way because all my plants were dead and very crispy. 
See!? Very crispy

We keep having a random freeze so I can't plant anything real. Boooo!  I decided to use some floral vines (past photo props) I had and Micheal's has all floral on sale for 60% off right now. Worked out perfect! 

Ooooh color!!!!

This is what the other before - before looked like last summer.

These are all real flowers and plants. So pretty. 

In the meantime while the weather decides if it's spring or winter....

 I purchased the green and purple flowers at Micheal's, had the floral vines and found these large flower decorations I purchased at Hobby Lobby last year. I used some to decorate the front office at the school and these were leftovers. 

I took the floral vine and measure to cut in half

I took out everything and filled with mulch. Why mulch? Because we had it. :) If I had dirt I would've used that. 

Separated with a wire cutter

Filled around the tulips 

The vine filled in the empty space perfect!

It looked great but I really wanted to add these giant flowers

Hot glued dowels to the back

I LOVE the color. 
I have two planters on my front porch and the other one has the blue and orange flowers. It started to rain so I didn't get a good photo of both.

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