Scavenger Hunt - GIANT Easter egg hunt and MORE! Fun IDEAS for the kids! Do something different!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! 

We did our GIANT EASTER EGG hunt like normal. It's always a huge hit. 

BUT this year the boys were stopped (literally with a stop sign hanging) with a new game. Ooooooh. Scavenger hunt!!!!

Hanging below the stop sign it said, 

Yay! It's Easter today! 
But before we start,
 I have a game to play.

On the floor was an envelope with Clue #1 on it. 

I printed the stop sign on two 8x10 prints from Walgreens. They had a 40% coupon but cardstock or regular paper would've worked fine. 

8x10 Downloadable STOP SIGN

Click HERE and then right click and save

Each clue lead them around the house, outside and to the backyard. 

I don't have pictures of each clue as they found them but I took a photo at the end of all the clues. They were going so fast that I couldn't keep up. Note to self.....make clues harder next year. 

The final clue told them to look in the backyard. On the trampoline they found a new board game. Happy happy boys. They LOVE board games. This one is similar to Apples to Apples. You pick the best caption and one person is the judge. Without knowing which person selected what caption, they pick the best or their favorite. That person gets a point. So far this game and Apples to Apples has not resulted in hurt feelings. However, if one person is never picked (which is possible) it might happen.

Collage of clues

Now for the Easter egg hunt. First small eggs. 

Then they collect the giant eggs and divided them equally. I have two of each color (same contents) so they make sure they each have one.

If you hug the eggs they pop open. He was demonstrating his strength. Lol.

Someone was excited about a large cookies and cream bunny

Easter selfie. Hubby had to work. 

One son is messy and the other organized.....even with candy. This makes me smile. Totally me too.

Happy boys!

Thank you for stopping by!

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