Fun GIANT Easter Egg Hunt - Surprise the kids! COOL IDEA - NOT your average hunt or Easter basket

Change up the traditional egg hunt with these GIANT eggs! 

We've done this for the past few years in lieu of Easter baskets. Plus it's a super fun way to give non candy gifts. 

I found the giant at Micheal's craft store. I used a 40% coupon and made two visits (one coupon per visit) to get them a little cheaper. I just saw them today and I think they are $19 and you get 4 or 5. They are like nesting dolls, one large egg and each one fits inside the other. 

We still have a small egg hunt. 

The giant eggs are filled with gifts or novelties instead of candy. Don't get me wrong, they still get sugared up like crazy with lots of candy in the smaller eggs.

See? Still tons of sugar. Last year I put little games, colored mustaches, magic tricks, and toys in all the big eggs. 
We let them go crazy for 10 mins with the candy. Only a few pieces the next couple days and maybe in their lunch for a couple more days. Then we donate it. 

Boys having fun with the giant eggs :)

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