FUN dinner IDEAS for kids - FLIP FLOP dessert and dinner! HEALTHY CAKE?

This is part TWO of what I did for April Fool's Day but what a fun dinner surprise that can be done any time!

This was so much fun and the boys LOVED everything.

Dessert for dinner and dinner for dessert? WHAT?

They were very suspicious with all morning and afternoon pranks so I had to play it off like I wasn't doing anything. At one point they wanted to know what I was baking so I turned the oven light and calmly said, "cake." Then the light quickly off. {{whew}} It helped that I kept telling them I was done for the day and no more surprises. 


So excited how well it turned out!!!

I made my meatloaf recipe and put it into two cake pans. Baked a lot less time so it wouldn't dry out. 35-40 mins vs my usual 60 mins.

Made my mash potatoes extra creamy and smooth for the "icing." When the meatloaf was done I stacked with a layer of mash potatoes in between.

Covered the cake with icing but I didn't like how bumpy it looked :(

I took wax paper and covered the top and smoothed it out with my hand. Removed and did the same thing around the sides in sections. PERFECT! Well, not perfect but looked so much better. 

I used a large icing tip (one for cupcakes) and made it look more like a cake. Used a tiny heart cookie cutter to make the embellishments out of carrots.

LOOK! It even sliced like cake!

I served it with gravy that was my "caramel sauce" and green beans. I didn't have anything clever besides the carrots so I served those last. 


I would like to say I DID NOT let them eat all of this. It was a joke and they got to eat only some of it. SUGAR OVERLOAD!

Fish sticks
Breading is crushed up Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Melted white candy melts

Kit Kats

Dipped and rolled and placed on wax paper

I also made a few details to make it look more believable.
Fried fish? 

I used a little oil and crumbs of the cereal to make it look like I fried the fish sticks and put them on the paper towel before their plate. {{tenting fingers}} "EX-CELLENT" (Simpsons reference)

Peas and carrots are Starburst and Laffy Taffy

Baked beans are chocolate covered raisins and a little caramel sauce

Mash potatoes - Vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. I molded the ice cream and put on wax paper in the freezer. Put it out last because it melts fast.

Happy boys :)

Hope this gives you some fun ideas. Leave a comment if you have any questions.


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  1. Hi Elena! Thank you so much for sharing this at last week's Get Crafty Friday. This a pretty funny idea. I will have to try it on my hubby and daughter next year :) Stopping by to let you know that you've been featured this week! Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

    1. I am so excited! Yay!!! Thank you so much! Already posted on this weeks Get Crafty Friday. Thank you for hosting!

  2. That's really amazing ! Will have to try it with my grandson who is giving us (his mother and I) so many troubles with eating ! Maybe being creative will help ! Thanks for sharing !