CRAPPY CUPCAKES - DOG POO birthday treat - funny- friends/co-workers/family FAKE FUN- looks real

So much fun! Great laugh and a funny way to add to a birthday. 


This is one of the funniest gag gifts that is really sweet too. Sweet as in "awwwwe" and sweet as in "yummm" LOL. Keep reading, you'll see. :)

So I originally made these crappy cupcakes for our ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY and they were a huge hit. Also would be great for APRIL FOOLS DAY prank!

All night I kept saying, "Try my crappy cupcakes" "They look like crap." Oh the fun once people looked at what I was talking about. 

Back to my gag cupcakes....

Since the party I've tweaked the doo doo recipe to make it look a little more real.

If you are not making your own chocolate icing I recommend this store bought icing. It's a little more thick.

I bought 2 king size recess peanut butter cups packages (8 cups) and took the edges off (hard part) and kept the peanut butter and soft, thin chocolate. This gives the dookie a lumpy/chunky look and the peanut butter drags through it making the different shades of poop. Ha! 

See? Eeeewww. 

I used a large freezer/storage ziplock bag with one corner cut off to apply the dog dung. 

For the flies I melted some chocolate candy melts and made little ovals. Before they were dry I used sprinkles for the eyes. For the birthday cupcakes I used pink "eyes" and for Halloween I used yellow.

The wings are made from cutting mini marshmallows in half. They stick pretty well so I add them after the chocolate is dry. 

NOW FOR THE SWEET PART..somewhat sweet :)

The tag on the top of the cupcakes says, "You're the sh*t" but inside....

Under each cupcake has qualities that make them awesome. Kind, loving, thoughtful, funny, caring, amazing...etc. 

So at first it's "WHAT!?" then, "GROSS!" ((but laughing)) and finally, "AWWWW!" 

I had other presents and this made a nice addition and a good laugh to the birthday surprise. 


Click HERE to download 4x6 You're the sh*t tag for FREE
(right click and save)
Click HERE to download 4x6 sweet you're the sh*t tag for FREE
(right click and save)

After thinking about it, this could be a mean gag gift too. Maybe....

You're a sh*tty boyfriend
You're full of crap
You're a crappy boss

Oh the possibilities are endless.

Thank you for stopping by!

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