How well do you know your parents? FUN quiz for KIDS - DIY activity idea /easy FREE app

We did this for our New Year's Eve party as one of the balloon pop activities.

 I loved this idea so much and so did the boys! Here are the questions we asked (you can make up your own or use ours) and the application or program we used. COMPLETELY FREE! 

This was a blast! Our quiz - "How well do you know your parents?"

I came up with 11 questions and added "retro" pics of my husband and I. Winner is based off correct answer and speed of answering. My younger son won on the very last question. They were surprised on some of the questions with lots of  WHATS and NO WAYS but I was surprised on how many they knew. They have been listening. :)

So what did we ask?

1. Name of Mom's first pet?
2. Not saying Dad is scared of anything but what makes him uncomfortable? (lol)
3. Where was Mom born?
4. Where did Mom and Dad meet?
5. Mom's last name before marrying Dad?
6. Dad's favorite food as a kid?
7. Where did Mom and Dad take their honeymoon?
8. Dad's phone number? (this was a joke) *
9. What was Mom's first vehicle?
10. What breed of dog did Mom and Dad NOT own together?
11. Dad's first job?

*So my oldest is obsessed with Pi. He's been memorizing it and knows 250+ digits. If you are like me I thought it was just 3.14. There's more? Oh boy, my son went into a lengthy explanation about it being infinite and used to measure blah blah blah. 
I have heard him say this too many time to count now. "Pi is a common mathematical equation used to find the volume and area of circles and spheres"  The Pi expert BUT the child can not remember my husbands phone number. LOL. See....question 8 was a joke. :)

And now for the program. My kids actually use this in school and I've created quizzes to help study for tests. Completely free.

To create a quiz -
To play on your device -

Once you create the quiz you are given a code.  Use any device - ipad, phone, computer and enter the code and it logs you in.
We had the boys use their phone so they could compete. Your score is based on how fast you answer the question and if you get it right.

Such a fun idea!

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