SIX Thanksgiving Treat IDEAS! Fun for the KIDS - classmate, teacher, neighbor, family

Some fun Thanksgiving ideas 

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KIDS Halloween Party - decor- food- treats & Zombie Family - 2014 photo

This party was REALLY thrown together in a matter of days AND I worked two 10 hour shifts leading up to Halloween and a 6 hour shift that day....whew. NO TIME to get anything done. :( Taking that into consideration I made mostly the same food except for a couple changes. This will all look familiar from LAST YEARS HALLOWEEN PARTY.

Goblin juice (colored lemonade,) monster fuel (beer) and boogers as the party treat for coming. Little tags said, "Thank you for coming" EASY PEASY!

New items - Bloody hand (cream cheese with chipolte sauce,) Tongues (gummies,) and Crappy cupcakes (looked like dog poop with flies) I had the best time saying, "Try my crappy cupcakes" "They look like crap" 

Pumpkin vomit is always a hit. Girls not sure about trying it. LOL!

Tongues were new and I found them at Target. Didn't think much about them but almost every kid went crazy for them. So many awesome pics!

MORE DETAILS on the food, see THIS POST

I made a cream cheese hand in a mold I purchased at Wal-mart and froze it. I wanted to make a hand and pour chipolte sauce over it and named it a bloody hand with crackers. So I popped it from the mold (after the freezer and put it in a zip lock in the fridge. Trial and error with it turning out to be an error. CREAM CHEESE CAN NOT BE FROZEN!!! The consistency changes from creamy to crumbly. I couldn't get it on the plate without it falling apart. It wasn't so bad since I was covering it in sauce but the consistency was so gross. UGH! YUCK! I will make it again next year but put in the mold, work it out and then using my hands to make it smooth. Hopefully that will work. 


Theme - Breakfast it bed

Oooooh I love it! 

Already planning for next year :)

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