For my Peeps! - Easter/Spring class treat - teacher gift- FUN for the kids!

When I first started making these (2 years ago) I never had a peep. (WTH, right?) By themselves they are okay BUT as a s'more...OMG!!! Sadly with my summer "Operation get my butt in gear or I'll be sad when I can't fit into a swimsuit" going strong, I know these little sugary, irresistible, yumminess {{drool}} will not be a good idea in the house. Lets test that will power! I do have some taste testers in the house that insist we need to experiment for microwave time accuracy EVERY year. :)

I had no clue they came in so many colors and felt I went a little overboard on my first purchase but this is what it looks like every year. 

Graham crackers
Individually wrapped chocolate
Bags (I tried several but like the Celebrate It 100 bags 4 in x 6 in @ Micheal's.)
Tags (optional)

I would like to start off saying this is an extremely MESSY MESSY process. Peep sugar everywhere!!!!

One peep, two graham cracker pieces, one Hershey's chocolate. 

We made 45 individual packages for classmates (two different classes) and some for friends and neighbors. 

 I made the little tags that said "To one of my favorite peeps" and the instructions for microwaving them. After looking back at these I really *dislike* how busy they look. Geez! I'll be re-doing them and adding a free download. Check back soon!


When you make the s'mores in the microwave, the peep gets fat and rolls. Lol. Watch out not to microwave more than 10 seconds. If the chocolate is still a little hard just wait a few minutes (if you can) and it will get soft. 

For the teachers we used a whole package of peeps and over sized chocolate bar. We switched out the peeps from each package to make them more colorful. I bought the baskets the year before for $1 during Easter clearance. 

LOVE how these turned out!


I thought the WHOLE pack of peeps and large chocolate bar was excessive so I scaled it down a little for teachers. Mini 4pk and regular hershey bar. :)

They turned out really cute too

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BASKETBALL team treats - GREAT IDEAS! Quick and Easy - End of the season PARTY!

I would love to say they took the whole thing but the boys lost the very last championship game by 5 points. :( 

They kicked butt and we all stayed positive for the kids. Praised and big hugs but the MAMA BEAR in me was furious! They put in two refs no one has seen all year and sent home the most AWESOME -FAIR- AMAZING refs right before the Championship game. WTH???? All I will say is it was a VERY dirty game and they got away with it plus some really bad calls on both sides. (The refs were even arguing during halftime) It happens but wish it wasn't on the last game.  

With that venting done, now for the treats we made for the end of season party!!!

These didn't turn out how I had planned but still like them. It's buttercream icing colored yellow and orange but you can't tell the two colors apart really. I added red glitter gel after doing a swirl icing. Then took a toothpick and just pulled the icing in an upward motion. 

Treats for the kids - Recess peanut butter cups and basketballs (Easter eggs) Stock up NOW for all sports!

I just bought a value pack of recess peanut butter cups and orange candy melts. Opposite colors but turned out so cute. Boys loved them!

Bagged and tied a ribbon

Made custom team tags. You can design and order from my ETSY shop.


I wanted to find basketball chocolates but World Market was out :( I just filled them with Hersey kisses. 

Used the same tags for the cupcakes too!

Again, not the effect I was looking for but still like them. If I would do it different I would just keep the swirl and tags. 

Packaged and ready to go!

1st place division and 2nd place in championship game

Great season, great kids, and great parents! 

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Chocolate SHAMROCK pretzels - St. Patrick's Day treat/gift IDEA - free printable tag

Super cute SHAMROCK pretzels!!!

I found these poker pretzels at World Market and thought the hearts would be cute for Valentine's Day but I never got around to making them. Then I thought the clubs would be cute for St. Patrick's Day and the rest the boys ate :) 

Green candy melts

Parchment paper

Melted candy melts, #3 decorating tip and ziplock bag

Bagged and added a little Happy St. Patrick's Day tag



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