HOW to bake CAKE IN A JAR - Rainbow fun - TEACHER APPRECIATION gift idea PART 3

Part 3 of ideas I did last year for Teacher Appreciation. Hope these give you some inspiration!

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Cute jars with the cake baked in it! Tags say, "You are the icing on the cake! Thank you for being you!" 
I love how these turned out and they were a huge hit with the teachers.

Divided the cake batter

Love this food many colors. I used a 50% coupon I had for Michael's craft store to get this set.

Mixed my colors

Put them in ziplock bags and arranged the color. I clipped the corner to fill the jars (same in THIS post)

I removed the lids since they had a rubber edge and put all the jars in the dishwasher the night before. When done I dried and added each color carefully NOT to get it on the edge, inside of the jar, or the outside. It burns the jar making it look dirty. Using the ziplock bag made it easy and no mess.

Adding colors until I was done

I could fit 12 jars in a 9X12 baking pan with 1/4 inch of water in the pan.  I filled all the jars just a little less then 1/2 but you can go up to 1/2. I just wanted to make sure I had room for the icing.

350 degrees for 40 minutes

Put the lids back on and added the icing and sprinkles


Ribbon and spoons

Can't forget the tags!! I also added a tag to the top that said the teachers name and my boys names.

I also made these cakes for Christmas for the teachers in THIS POST

FREE 4x6 downloadable tag

HERE to download 4x6 icing on the cake tag for FREE
(then right click and save)

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  1. Just started looking for cute ideas for next week and think I have found them! Thanks for posting! Where did you get the little jars?! My son only has two teachers, do you think this would work in a bigger jar like a Mason jar?!

  2. Thank you, I'm so glad! I purchased these jars at Micheal's craft store. They are not the scrapbooking jars (much more expensive) these are located closer to the wood section for $1. I bought a bunch when I had a 20% off my purchase coupon. I've used mason (jelly) jars that were about the same size. I purchased them from the grocery store and they were even cheaper. (Christmas post Larger jars will work and should be the same baking time.

  3. Hi Elena, What type of icing did you use? Love this idea.

  4. Thank you, Kim! I made a cream cheese icing for this one. I also love buttercream. If you don't have time to make it can icing will work too.

  5. Super cute!!! You rock in the parent department.

  6. Thank you!:D After 5 mins with an entire class I had a new found respect for teachers. They should always be spoiled!

  7. Hi Elena! Love this idea! Did you use one or two cake mixes for this? Thanks! - Sarah

  8. Thank you, Sarah! I only used one cake mix for all the jars pictured. I didn't fill them up as much as I originally planned but it made plenty of room so the icing didn't get smashed.

  9. So excited to try this today for my son's teachers! You mention putting the jar in the pan and adding you actually bake the jars in water?

  10. Yay! Yes, 1/4 inch of water to prevent the jars from cracking. 350 for 40 mins. They turnout so moist. Hope they were a huge hit!

  11. Will I be able to use cake mix?

  12. LOVE these! It is so hard to judge from a picture - could you give me a size estimate? I want to make these for teacher appreciation week!