PERSONALIZED Holographic GLITTER wine glasses - MOD PODGE

I made several of these the other night for friends and one for a special to visit to see my BFF for a movie and wine night. She loved it!

Didn't they turn out so cute!?

 I worked that day and had about three hours before I was leaving for her house. I stopped by Target on the way home and found these wine glasses for $4.20 for a pack of 4! Since I wasn't sure how they would or IF they would turn out, I didn't mind using cheap glasses. It was more of a novelty gift anyway.

Mod Podge
Masking tape
Holographic glitter ((ooooh ahhhh....I LOVE holographic glitter)
Wine glasses
Letter stickers (optional)

Taped around the glass keeping the tape low enough that the glitter wouldn't be too close to your mouth when taking a drink and high enough that you didn't hold the glitter when holding the glass. Some still comes off even when they are dry.

Added a letter sticker and applied Mod Podge

Covered with holographic glitter. What is holographic glitter you ask? WHAT!!!??? Seriously!!?? It's just the best thing ever! Like mini rainbows in each tiny speck! NO comparison to regular glitter. Once you use holographic you will never use the old stuff again.

I used a piece of paper to catch the excess glitter. Didn't want to waste any!

Carefully removed the tape right after I sprinkled the glitter. I didn't want to wait for it to dry and pull some away.

They dry really quick so work fast :)

I had to use the inside of the glass to locate the letter sticker and pulled it (carefully) off before the glue dried. Once the glasses were dry I could fix any spot the glue was at that didn't have glitter. Only a tiny spot I scratched off with my nail. 

I wouldn't put these in the dishwasher but I rinsed the outside and hand washed the edge and inside of the glass and the glitter stayed perfectly!

Thank you for stopping by!


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  2. These glasses look lovely. Do you not have to put anything over the glitter to seal it on?