Thanksgiving RECYCLING - DIY Napkin Holders - HOT GLUE GUN & RIBBON


Well, last night at around 8pm I decided we needed some napkin holders :) I had a few ideas but went with something simple and quick.

Neat way to recycle those toilet paper rolls, right!?

My original plan was to spray paint the toilet paper rolls and let the boys glue on the jewels however they wanted. BUT as some of you might know.....BLACK OPS "nuketown 2025" has consumed the boys and talk of the house is Search and Destroy or Kill Confirmed matches and RANKS of course. :/

They would've looked so good

Second idea was to upcycle this old shirt to cover the rolls but then I remembered the most AWESOME RIBBON EVER!

Pictures do not do it justice! It's similar to holographic glitter but it's ribbon!!!! I ended up not using the leaves.....this time. 

I cut all the rolls in half

After covering one roll I decided to trim the wire off the ribbon first and clip. I might use the wire later for attaching ribbon to a wreath or another project 

I measured, hot glued the end for a cleaner look, and hot glued 

I hot glued the inside starting at the seam

Attached a ribbon and they're done! So quick and easy!

oooohhhh ahhhhh

I only have a few family members coming over this year so it's just a small table setting. Did you notice the floating candles??? Cool, right!?

Found everything at Michaels Craft Store. I think for Christmas I'll change the rock and candles to match my colors and theme. 

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for stopping by!

Bite Size THANKSGIVING treats - SPICE CAKE dessert - MAKES a bunch

I made these Friday for a teacher luncheon but they would be perfect for Thanksgiving. Super cute, right!? Plus I'm pretty sure that when a dessert is this small calories won't count. Well, that's what I tell myself. :)

Layered spice cake, cream cheese icing and topped with whip cream....yum {{drool}} :)

I used plastic shot glasses and these cute little spoons I found at the grocery store.

First I made a spice cake or pumpkin bread would be good too.

I used one of the shot glasses to punch out circles from the cake

If you have trouble getting it out use a knife along the edge to pull it out

I then cut the cake pieces into threes (top, middle and bottom)

I have a few decorating tips but I decided to use the filling tip since it was longer. It's normally used to put filling into a cupcake. 

I used a ziplock bag with the corner cut off, add my tip and I'm ready to go. I placed the bottom piece of cake in first, then added a layer of icing.

I continued with the middle piece of cake, another layer of icing and then the top piece of cake.

Topped them off with whip cream or you could use more icing. 

Added the little spoons

Made tags that said, "Thankful for LTE Teachers" for our school

I dropped them off Friday morning but I'm sure they were a hit!

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DIY Ribbon & Wrapping ORGANIZER - how to make tutorial - Rack, display, storage - how to build - CRAFT ROOM organization idea

My first post was just photos and being super excited to have organization in place. 
Now I'm sharing all the details.

All supplies were purchased at Home Depot. 
1/4" rods
1/4" wing nuts
#4 hooks

I decided to use the 1/4" since it was lightweight, inexpensive, and fit nicely in the chain. 

1/4" wing nuts. I opened a package just to make sure they fit.

#4 hooks - I went a little crazy with the size. I wasn't sure how heavy everything was going to be :)

Not sure the size of the chain. I picked one that fit the 1/4" rod and was the least expensive. Here is my tough guy or so he thought, holding the chain. 

Pinned all the ribbon to prevent unraveling and organized by color.

Added all the ribbon to the rods. Placed wing nuts at the ends to keep the rods in place.




And what I'm working on now..... 

Organization photos and tags HERE.

New craft room HERE.

UPDATE July 2019 - New ribbon storage and old organizer updated to only wrapping paper. 

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