Bite Size THANKSGIVING treats - SPICE CAKE dessert - MAKES a bunch

I made these Friday for a teacher luncheon but they would be perfect for Thanksgiving. Super cute, right!? Plus I'm pretty sure that when a dessert is this small calories won't count. Well, that's what I tell myself. :)

Layered spice cake, cream cheese icing and topped with whip cream....yum {{drool}} :)

I used plastic shot glasses and these cute little spoons I found at the grocery store.

First I made a spice cake or pumpkin bread would be good too.

I used one of the shot glasses to punch out circles from the cake

If you have trouble getting it out use a knife along the edge to pull it out

I then cut the cake pieces into threes (top, middle and bottom)

I have a few decorating tips but I decided to use the filling tip since it was longer. It's normally used to put filling into a cupcake. 

I used a ziplock bag with the corner cut off, add my tip and I'm ready to go. I placed the bottom piece of cake in first, then added a layer of icing.

I continued with the middle piece of cake, another layer of icing and then the top piece of cake.

Topped them off with whip cream or you could use more icing. 

Added the little spoons

Made tags that said, "Thankful for LTE Teachers" for our school

I dropped them off Friday morning but I'm sure they were a hit!

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