DIY Ribbon & Wrapping ORGANIZER - how to make tutorial - Rack, display, storage - how to build - CRAFT ROOM organization idea

My first post was just photos and being super excited to have organization in place. 
Now I'm sharing all the details.

All supplies were purchased at Home Depot. 
1/4" rods
1/4" wing nuts
#4 hooks

I decided to use the 1/4" since it was lightweight, inexpensive, and fit nicely in the chain. 

1/4" wing nuts. I opened a package just to make sure they fit.

#4 hooks - I went a little crazy with the size. I wasn't sure how heavy everything was going to be :)

Not sure the size of the chain. I picked one that fit the 1/4" rod and was the least expensive. Here is my tough guy or so he thought, holding the chain. 

Pinned all the ribbon to prevent unraveling and organized by color.

Added all the ribbon to the rods. Placed wing nuts at the ends to keep the rods in place.




And what I'm working on now..... 

Organization photos and tags HERE.

New craft room HERE.

UPDATE July 2019 - New ribbon storage and old organizer updated to only wrapping paper. 

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  1. Love all the posts!



  2. I really love all the direction photos you include with your posts! Many blogs lack this, thank you for doing that, it's awesome. Also, loving many of your ideas! I'm pinning like crazy!

  3. Thank you Lisa! I appreciate you taking time to comment and the great feedback! :)

  4. Did you put a wing nut on just one side of each rod?? Or both??

    1. Both sides. When you need to remove a roll off the chain it's pulled away a little and if they are not attached all the rods will come crashing down. I actually use the ribbon directly off the organizer now and don't take them off or on until it's empty or adding new ribbon. Hope this helps! Thank you for stopping by!

  5. How much did the entire project cost you? Love it!

  6. Love the IDEA!! Thanks for the pics :))