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Ever have that one thing you love and never want to part with? Some people it's shoes or a warm sweatshirt that really needs to never ever be worn in public again. Well, I have one of those too but also the most amazing editing program. It's so 2006. Literally, 2006. Discontinued and it was originally FREE. I bought the upgraded version and so glad I did. I probably have the last copy. 

 Now I'm just showing off. Here are just some of the cool things I've done. {{patting myself on the back}} The best part is they were all done in very little time. Woohoo! I'm not known for my patience. I own Photoshop but choose this program over it. I do love Lightroom....ahhhh Lightroom :)

Boring wall? Add wallpaper

Collecting "Magic"

So Kissable

If only I could get ready this fast
"Helping Hand"

Avatar! And to think, he was mad because I didn't really paint him blue.

Rainbow Rain

Brown grass....boooo! Make it green! I feel like I need an infomercial. 

Up Up and Away



What else is there to do on a cold rainy day!? Swim with a shark of course :)


Food Fiiight!!! Clones can be so much trouble.

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