Book report PROP for a SCHOOL PROJECT - Super cute idea! - Merlin & Hank the Cowdog

FINALLY the boys finished a project BEFORE the due date! Yay for hounding them!! :) Just kidding. I *might* have threatened them just a tiny bit after the last "all nighter" to finish a project the day before it's due. Grrrr!

At first glance, doesn't this falcon look real? Just a quick post to show you his cute prop.

Printed a picture of a falcon and cut it out. He was originally sitting on a rock. 
Cut out a basic outline of the picture on cardboard to make it sturdy and stand up. Hot glued a close pin to the back. 

And just clipped it on his shirt. LOVE IT!

Here is the cat eating the stars he just made :/


Presenting at school last night :)

My youngest had to use a pringles can and decorate it themed as his book. He picked out one from the Hank the Cowdog series. Really funny books. 

Wrapped the can in cork that I found in the scrapbook isle at the craft store, felt, plastic grass and a ranger pin from an old Halloween costume. I think the dog kinda looks like Blue from Blues Clues. 

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