CRAFT ROOM TOUR - Organization, Set-up, Ideas - GARAGE Make-Over - Work in Progress

Back in August I just started making organizational progress. Whoohoo.....then, we moved. Womp womp.

Now I have my very own CRAFT ROOM!!!! Technically I had one before but it was open to the work out room and part of the garage. NOW it's my very own space for just crafts and it's bigger!!!!!!

My husband is just as excited and keeps commenting how my crap crafts are contained. Lol!!!

It's still a work in progress but I wanted to show you how it's coming along. I still need to paint, build a desk, hang my ribbon organizer (which I think will just be wrapping paper now) and build a new ribbon organizer. :D

BEFORE - storage for everything during the move plus my craft stuff all over.

A month of all the moving boxes and misc things in that room is over!!!! FINALLY making progress....again.

I used the same carpet from the old craft room but had to trim a little down. The part I'm trimming was under a garage shelving system.

Look at my cute "helper."

I like to work on my craft table but I also like to sit on the floor. Now I can do both. 

I kept the same shelves and added more bins. I'm still going through boxes, so many boxes. 

I used the top shelf to display some of my photos. :) My BFF and crafting twin suggested and I love it.
I made more labels since I'm moving things around but yet to attach them.

I even made a little sitting area because I had the space. :)

Material was leftover from a baby photo shoot years ago. Plus it's hiding ugly spots on the wall.


Next, I need to move all the wrapping paper and shelf in the corner. I want to hang my wrapping paper and organize my ribbon on the other wall.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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