16th BIRTHDAY - ideas - Gas Money idea, Donuts, Candy Cake - Special teen milestone bday

16th birthday is such a milestone and deserves an extra special celebration.

We were originally NOT going to get him a vehicle for his 16th birthday. I had to work and pay for my truck and insurance when I was younger. I think you appreciate it more. Now what changed our mind.....both my car and hubby's car are acting up. By acting up, I mean my braking system is failing and we just spent $2300, $1300, $3000 for three separate visits to between his car and mine in the last three months. PLUS, I had to get two new front tires a few weeks back after a flat tire. UGH! And remember, my braking system is still failing. I have no brakes for about 2-4 mins when I first put it in reverse. It's a slow drag but you roll and jerks when you have brakes. Soooooo, we are getting it "for him" but it definitely will be used while we fix other car issues.

So enough with the downer stuff....now for his celebration stuff!!!!

Found these giant metallic balloons at Michael's and used a 50% off coupon for each.

I helped him make THIS candy cake in December for his friend and he made a comment about wanting one with Hersey's Cookies and Cream bars. TA-DA!!!

I decided to make his rectangle and used a recycled box of cereal, fruit roll ups, and protein bars. He loves green so I made the base green to match his donuts. Gold metallic shreds to match his balloons.

Since we are getting him a truck I thought some gas money would be in order.

It's not new but new to him. 

I found this GIANT red bow online. You just pull the strings and the bow pops open. So cool!

Finally, personalized donuts!!!! He loved them!!!

I ordered these for my boss last year and they were a huge hit.

We had a "snow day" and school was canceled. He was suppose to share them with his friends. We had donuts for breakfast and lunch and still have a ton left.

Can you freeze donuts? Lol.

Birthday success!

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