PANTRY organization TIPS - dollar store IDEAS - Tricks on a budget - Labels, bins, and HOW TO organize

We recently moved and I wanted to set-up & organize my pantry from the start.

EEEEEE! {{happy squeal}} I love it so far!!!

I already had a pretty organized pantry and kinda obsessive about it. When I go to throw something away at someone's house and the trash can is located in the pantry, I start to organize. MANY of my friends will tell you that I have re-sized their cereal boxes from tallest to shortest or twisted cans so the labels face front. I can't help it. :)

I found these material bins at the $1 store. They came in several different sizes and also in cream, brown, and black. I really liked the black but my house is done in creams and browns. :/ 

I had lots of ideas for the tags and originally wanted burlap and tag combo and have it hanging. Then I thought about a chalk board idea but ended up making photo paper tags to match the bins.

I designed my tags to match the bins and printed on photo paper.
They are attached with a mini clothes pin.

I saw all different color clothes pins at Michael's if you have a more colorful pantry.

I like the look of everything in plastic containers like cereal, sugar, etc BUT the containers are pretty pricey. I decided to leave my crackers and cereal in the original packaging and just arrange by size.

The bins on the floor hold all my baking supplies. They are the same bins I use in my craft room.

I will eventually attach the tags with hot glue to make sure they stay in place. If you bump the clothes pin hard enough the tag will fall off. I like the clothes pin look so I might leaves them or remove. Still undecided.

Dollar store - $22.00
Clothes pins  - $1.96
Prints - $2.50

AND....the list!

Small clipboard with command strips to attach in the pantry on the wall. A highlighter attached with velcro to the side of the clipboard. 

Several copies of a pre-made list of things we like and use. Now everyone can highlight what they want or when we run out of something.

And my closet....
I use to have everything by color but then you forget you have a fancy shirt in red or pink. I am changing it up a little. Now by camisole, work out shirts, short sleeve, long sleeve, etc. I will still arrange by color within the sub group. Lol.

Thank you for stopping by!

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