Because YOU matter bags - homeless care package - GIVING BACK - IDEAS on how to fill - Service project - hygiene kits

I'm doing a series of great ways kids can get involved with giving back. These are all activities we've done at home or with a large group. 

Here are my five categories we'll be involved with this month and I'll post ideas for each one.

Because you matter bags are little care packages.
This is easy for little kids to help put bags together.

I'm sure you've seen someone on the side of the road with a sign asking for help. A lot of times I don't have the means to give money. This is a way to give them something they might need. A small care package or hygiene kit.

We keep a few in the car in case we see someone in need.

We purchase travel size toiletries when they're on sale and save sample size snacks and coupons.

Things we include in bags:

Wet wipes
Small snack bar or crackers
Candy (nothing that melts easily) or gum
Gift card/coupon for food
Fabric shopping bag
First aid kits (homemade) - alcohol wipes, q-tips, cotton balls, and individual Neosporin cream. 

I found these clear bags at our local HEB on sale.

Added flossers, homemade first aid kits, and a treat of non-melty candy.

Snack sample and restaurant coupon or gift cards.

Cloth grocery bags are a high demand item.

Rolled and attached to each bag with a rubber band. 

For women use an old purse and fill with feminine products along with the list above.

Bags can be filled with anything. 

Often we hand out toiletries so the kids filled bags with cookies, note pad, pen, deck of card, snack, and a mini flashlight. 

I love these bags the volunteers made. 

I also have awesome friends that save their hotel toiletries. We pass them out downtown to a highly populated homeless area.

Make hats and scarves during colder months.

Don't know how to knit? No problem.
I purchased knitting looms at Micheal's to make hats. They sell a scarf loom but we haven't tried it yet.

We made a joke that we were Friday night party animals.....knitting party animals. :D

So easy and the boys loved them.

Knitting in the car.

Notice his ring?? It's the decoder ring from Santa's message about family time. He still wears it. :)

Knitting while out to dinner.

He even took the loom to school to knit. We ended up knitting for not only the homeless, but for refugees. Our local library had a month long drive to collect hats and he turned in 12!!!

Please share other ideas!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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  1. Fantastic!!! Thank you for your love and ideas!

    1. Thank you for the taking the time to comment. Made my day!

  2. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing.