Animal Shelter RICE SOCKS - GIVING BACK - How to help - Great for kids!

Rice socks are an easy way to help the animal shelters.

I'm doing a series of ways kids can get involved with giving back. These are all crafts we've done at home or with a large group. 

Here are my five categories we'll be involved with this month and I'll post ideas for each one.

Easy for little kids to do and great way to help the shelter. 

Rice socks are used at animal shelters as heating pads. They warm them in the microwave and use to sooth after spay/neuter surgery or placed with baby kittens or puppies for warmth.

Plain rice
Fabric markers (optional but fun)

Simply fill the sock with rice and tie.

Have fun decorating them with fabric markers! My son made the cat :)

We had a big group and made 45!!!

Plus you might get to play with some of the animals when you drop them off. 

Other ways to help animal shelters:
Make cat toys with fleece, string, and straws.

Make dog toys by braiding fleece.

Our animal shelter has an area for cats with Feline Leukemia. Most are nearing the end and sadly they don't get to leave. The boys go in and read to them. 

Not only do the boys get practice reading but the kitties get some company.

Please share other ideas!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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  1. Hi there! Can you share how you made the cat toys out of straws, felt, and string? Thanks!!

    1. Absolutely! We used 2mm raittail craft cord in different colors, straws, and 1" fleece strips. Maybe 4-5" long. Feed the cord through the straw leaving the ends longer so it has room to move and room for to add the fleece. Tie a knot at each end of the cord. Before the knot, tie a fleece strip to the cord at each end. Done!

  2. Any chance you remember how much rice you used to make 45? I have a class of 25 kids that I’m gonna do this with and trying to figure out how much rice I actually need.

    1. Sorry, I don't remember. I would suggest making an example to test out the size you want. We had the amount marked off on plastic cups so each one was about the same size.