Silhouette Christmas Tree mason jars - Easy DIY craft tutorial - HOLIDAY IDEA - Create a centerpiece, utensil holder, fill with candy, etc.

We are making Christmas tissue paper flowers and need something to hold them.
Paper flower tutorial HERE.

Do you remember my glowing biohazard jars for Halloween? Since I change my theme each year I didn't want to keep them but also didn't want to throw them out.

Same jars but now they're Christmasy!!!

Mason jars
Spray paint
Blank sticker labels to create your own

I used a row of blank sticker labels and sketched a tree.

Cut out and traced to make three more. Attached to jars.

Spray painted the inside of the jars green. This will be the color of  your silhouette.

I actually like the green. If I had not made them glowing for Halloween, this would've been awesome.

Spray painted red to cover up biohazard symbol and blood splatter. :D

Let dry and peeled sticker.

Easy peasy!

UPDATE: The retirement home reused our jars again this year for flowers and paint brushes.

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