SEED BALLS - GIVING BACK to our Environment - How to help - Great for kids!

Seed balls are so fun to make! 

We've been making them for years and I thought I would do a series of ways kids could get involved with giving back. These are all activities we've done at home or with a large group. 

Here are my five categories we'll be involved with this month and I'll post ideas for each one.

This one is easy for little kids to do and great way to care for our environment. The best time to spread them in Austin is between September to April. If you live in a colder area check the last frost day and spread after.

To help grow native plants and wildflowers in an effort to reduce soil erosion and create pollution barriers along local creeks. They also improve water quality and provide wildlife habitat and food.

Grow Zones also know as no mow zones are designated areas of a park, trail, or creek that will give your seed balls a chance to germinate and grow. 

Clay (craft store)
Compost / soil
Native wildflower seeds
Water (spray bottle)
Newspaper (optional)

1 cup clay, 1 cup compost, 1/4 cup seeds. 

Mix well

Slowly add water. We found that spray bottles work best.

Mix until you are able to roll into a ball.

Roll balls the size of a penny up to the size of a quarter. Larger balls are okay but take longer to break down.

If you are wondering about the pink hair, it was October (2015) and he did it for breast cancer awareness month. :)

You can spread them right away by tossing them in a Grow Zone. Or spread later by letting them dry on newspaper. When dry, gently fold newspaper and store in a cardboard container (shoe box) until ready to use.

One year we made them with 6 families.

Keep Austin Beautiful has activity kits you can check out. They supply everything! 

We set up supplies, trays, and water bottles.

Other ways to care for our environment:
Plant seedlings

Park clean-up

Do it as a family activity.

Start them young!!! This was 2005 :) They were hooked ever since.

Please share other ideas!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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