STAR WARS cupcakes - DIY Edible Chocolate Art - Themed Party IDEA - Pre-Movie Treat

I made these cute Star Wars cupcakes back in 2005!!! Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith just came out.

It was for a birthday. He's a HUGE Star Wars fan that we call the "Tie Dye Jedi." Lol! The cupcakes were tie dye colors inside too!!! 

I made them years ago but wanted to share the idea. Designs are all edible and made from candy melts. So easy and you can pretty much make anything.

Remember the chocolate art TUTORIAL we did for the Texas cake? I made them the same way.

Print any design. Place parchment paper over the printouts and used candy melts to trace and fill in. I recommend using a decorating tip to make it easier to follow the design.
NOTE: The more detail the harder to trace. 

They would be super cute for a Star Wars theme party or for your favorite fan! :)

Boba Fett (which I thought was Bubba Fat) Lol! I made him in a circle to support the thin part of the helmet. I only made two like that before making the rest stand alone.

Storm Trooper

General Grievous

Yoda (I didn't think Yoda turned out that great but I tried) :)

Any questions, please ask! Thank you for stopping by!

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