DIY - Grow Succulents from Leaves or Cuttings - Learn HOW TO Propagate - Instructions - Tutorial - Super Easy

I love propagating plants and especially succulents. From leaves I now have twelve little succulents. SO EASY!!! If this post shows you anything, it's that succulents are hardy and I barely took care of mine. 

11/16/17 - I purchased a succulent from our local grocery store or Home Depot or purchase cuttings online.

I started by holding a leaf at the bottom of the succulent and slowly moved side to side until it came off. It's not a pulling motion, more of a wiggle side to side. I repeated this process for fourteen leaves. 

Next step is to set the leaves or cuttings on a paper towel and let them sit for about a week. It was cold outside so I put them in the garage. If warm enough outside you can put them in the shade, no full sun. You want to let the end of the leaf that you removed to callous over. I know what you are thinking but we are not leaving them to wilt and die. They will be totally fine. Remember, no water. 

11/24/17 - (8 days) I purchased soil at Home Depot that is great for succulents. See, the bag even says so. Plus it was the cheapest. :)

I used a plastic lid from an extra foil tray after Thanksgiving. You just need something that holds dirt and can fit all the leaves. 

I placed the leaves on top of the soil and used a spray bottle to mist just a little.

I set the tray on my table in the kitchen with indirect light. I continued to mist every 2-3 days.

11/30/17 - (14 days) The tiny little roots started growing! These pictures were taken on 12/4/17. 

Not all of them will grow and in my case, two sprouted with no roots. :(

12/15/17 -  (29 days) The new succulent started sprouting!! So cute!!!

Once they start to root, gently cover the roots so they don't dry out. I, on the other hand, was in the process of packing and moving and did not do that. They grew fine.  

1/3/18 - (48 days) Growing like crazy and the original leaves started turning brown.

I don't have that many photos during their growth but you can see below that I didn't do much with them during the move.

1/31/18 - (76 days)  Time to plant or finally getting around to it. I felt bad I didn't cover the roots and I'm sure they would've grown bigger if I had. 

Some of the original leaves fell off and other I gently tore off  keeping just a little at the end so I didn't damage the new roots.

I used succulent soil again.

I planted them in an egg carton so they can get a little bigger before planting or giving as a gift.

I gave them a good spray to get the top of the soil wet. 

Now I'll mist every 3-5 days or when the soil drys out.

 I'll let them grown in the egg carton and eventually cut the carton into individuals. Then I can place that in either the ground or a pot. 

Hope this inspires you to grown your own!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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