Fun TEAM MOM ideas - end of the year SPORTS party - Being the team all-star :)

I LOVE anything personalized and printed that looks awesome! Here are just SOME of the things I've made for either snack, after game treats or for the end of season parties over the years. I couldn't find a bunch of pictures but you'll get the idea.

I love personalized bottles of water or gatorade. These were for soccer and the team name was Red Flames

I always come up with the nutrition facts to match the sport. 

Chocolate dipped pretzels (Tutorial HERE)

Made custom tags to match the gatorade bottles. 

On the back I usually have a message and date.

I made cupcake truffles and added a basketball ring for each player and a little box for the coach. The last couple times I made one truffle look like a basketball.


MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!
I always ask for an early game to be snack Mom and this is why......

I pre-order plain white icing donuts a few days before. I pick them up early and use red chocolate to make them look like baseballs!!! LOVE it!!! Always a HUGE hit!

Instead of gatorade I do orange juice bottles.

Again, I change the nutrition facts to have a baseball theme.

End of the year party cupcakes with custom tags found HERE

These I customized with names instead of the date

And I ALWAYS make t-shirts for the family to wear. They have the team logo on the front and number on the back. Sometimes I add....Mom, Dad and Brother.

And most recently I went to Michigan to see my cousin play baseball. He was AMAZING!!! I wanted to add that flair but something I could carry on the plane....hmmmmm

The boys made THESE and we bagged and made tags order 

Dipped marshmallows same as HERE and I added tags as well

They were a HUGE hit!

And you can't tell from the picture but I made a t-shirt with the logo on the front. The back had his number and name! EEEeeeek! It was so much fun! 

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  1. I am so glad I found your blog!!! Thank you for all the amazing ideas. I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment! Thank you! I sometimes don't know how I get it done but I'm pretty sure sleep is overrated :) kidding. Glad you found me and check back soon!

  2. How can I print the bottles and tags? Are there links for these? Help need them ASAP !!

  3. Very cute but all your snacks are waaaaay too sugar loaded. Would love to see what you can do with some healthier options!

  4. wow what great ideas! best team mom ever!!