PHOTO SHOOT - Tips and Tricks for giggly smiles! - Photography

So much fun and I LOVED every minute! This is our fall photoshoot that I did a little later than normal. I have narrowed it down to 120 priceless photos! Yikes and YAY!

So for my boys I've found that:

1. Try to find something to wear that is not so uncomfortable that they have to force a smile. If they are comfortable they can have fun. Easier said than done. :)

2. Don't worry about the serious photos, let them play and you'll capture the smiles (might need to redirect but they will be giggly and that is what you want)

3. Let them tell you where or what would be a "good" photo (usually SUPER silly and not a good photo, but that's okay. Sometimes their ideas can be great.) This works well with really little kids too. I usually pick one and then let them pick one.

4. Don't be afraid to be silly too. For me this usually involves talks of stinky socks and farts. This time I explained what plumber butt was and how I hoped I didn't have one while getting a few of those shots. Oh well, gotta do whatcha gotta do. This has become more of a laugh factor the older they get.

For younger kids a feather duster is amazing. Yup, and it's the BEST thing ever! I tell them that I brought something fun and when I pull it out I joke that doesn't every child love to clean? It's for later to dust the house. Fun right? Then I show how soft and ticklish it really is. Glorious smiles! I haven't brought it in years but what's funny is it would still work. :)

5. Always bring something fun for the end of the photoshoot. I always keep it a secret. Sometimes the face they make pulling it out is a great capture. A little bribery to get them to cooperate plus they make for awesome photos too. This year I brought turkey hats I found at Target but in past years I've brought huge suckers, toys, ball, bubbles etc.

Couple nice photos and a couple silly photos

A lot of silly (the punch in the stomach is not real.) They held it while I talked about how Grandma and Nana would just absolutely adore a photo of one brother inflicting pain on the other. This made for some good laughs and smiles. I captured great photos after that.

My photo choice and his photo choice

My photo choice and his photo choice. Showing off his tree climbing skills.

For this one I told them they needed to be closer and closer and closer until their cheeks were squeezed together. This made them instantly bust out laughing. 


This was my little guys idea and I liked it so much I did one of them together.

Then it turned into this...

AND the hats turned into a turkey war

I still have a 100 more photos that are awesome! Now only if I would print and hang them. My downfall about photos. :(

Thank you for stopping by!