NEW Christmas lights and DIY tutorial - Topiary Ornament Trees - SO CUTE!

 Oh my these lights have seen better days. Old school with paint chipped off the blue making them look clear or somewhat light blue. I was due for some new lights!
I found these!!! Yippee!!!
I only have the lights up and it already looks awesome!
My tree was very pretty last year but I'm so excited to see it finished.
The disco ball is my favorite part of the tree  

I just love these tabletop topiary ornament trees. SO EASY!

I made these last year and found these kissing balls (really, that's what they are called) at Micheal's during the after Thanksgiving sale. $3.49 each!!! They had the same sale this year. Huge savings compared to the foam balls that can run around $13 for this size.

2 kissing balls
2 small pots
floral foam
2 dowels 1/2 x12inch
spray paint
plastic ornaments (or the real ones)
shreds of paper or metallic strips
hot glue gun

I wrapped the dowels with ribbon (easier without wire) and secured with hot glue. I made the bows the same time so I was only really covered in glitter once. I was still a glittery mess during and after the project. Left a glitter trail through the house. 

Secured the foam and dowel with hot glue

Added the metallic strips that were left over from a party. That's my pack rattyness again and I found it when I needed it. :)

I placed all the ornaments so they looked symmetrical-ish, then secured with hot glue.


The new house doesn't have a fireplace....boooooo :( 
I'm so sad and not sure where to hang or set all this stuff. 

Thank you for stopping by!

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