GINGERBREAD graham cracker house and royal icing RECIPE & TUTORIAL! - DIY

I'm thinking of having a party later this month (maybe) with the boys friends over to decorate gingerbread houses. Some kids (including mine) don't like gingerbread so I wanted to show you how to make a graham cracker gingerbread house instead. 

First you need the icing. This can be made in advance and same for the houses.


This is a royal icing for making the "glue" for the house. It's much stiffer than royal icing for cookies. 

Royal Icing Recipe
5 tbsp - meringue powder
1 tbsp - cream of tartar
1/2 tbsp - vanilla extract
3/4 c. - warm water
1 bag (2lbs) - powdered sugar

I use the paddle attachment for less air bubbles or so that's what I read or heard. All I know it is easier to get the icing off and that's why I use it.

Whisk meringue powder, cream of tartar, vanilla extract and warm water until smooth. No lumps.

Some people like to add a little at a time but heck, I pour the entire bag of powdered sugar into the bowl. You do not need to sift it since it's a much larger decorating tip. Cover mixer with a towel for the first few minutes of mixing in the powdered sugar. {{or kitchen will be covered in a very fine coat of powdered sugar}}  If you are going for a winter look, forget the towel. 

Mix for 10 minutes on a low speed. 

It should be firm and hold a peak. No peak? Soupy? YOU NEED MORE POWDERED SUGAR!

If you achieved a peak.....
Now it's ready to bag!

NOTE: If you are not going to bag or use right away you will need to cover the icing with saran wrap or cling wrap. The wrap needs to be touching icing to prevent hardening. I usually use one piece to touch the icing and another to cover the entire bowl. Then refrigerate. 

Set the icing out about hour before bagging to get back to room temp and easier to work with. 

You can use a ziplock bag or Wilton makes icing bags (I like the 16 inch for kids....more room at the top and less icing on the table) but you can use a 12 inch bag as well. I like icing tip #199. Works great!

When filling the bag remember to fold the edges down and try not to get icing past the fold. If you do it's not a big deal but once you start working with the bag the icing will start to flake off. Makes a mess but this whole project is messy so who cares :)


You will need graham crackers, knife, and icing

 One entire box of graham crackers will make 4 houses. You will need 6 pieces per house.

I made a template of the side and just set it on top of the next piece to make a copy. Gently press down and use the knife in a sawing motion. Cuts really easy and with a surprisingly clean edge. 

Start with the sides and front and back. 

Let it set for about 10 mins before adding the roof.

Apply icing to the top of the sides

and to the top of one of the roof pieces. 


Let it dry and you are ready to decorate!

Here are photos from our 

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  1. this is awesome! thank you for sharing. can't wait to make these with my boys!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment. I bet your boys loved them. Thank you again!