ULTIMATE Hot Chocolate RECIPE - The REAL thing plus topping ideas -POST UPDATE

Okay, I'm obsessed with hot chocolate recipes and decided to stop being lazy. I found the most awesome (and easy) recipe ever! I found this one from another blogger for creamy crockpot hot cocoa and gave it a try.


So this is NOW really the ULTIMATE HOT CHOCOLATE!

Milk (I used almond milk,) half & half or heavy whipping cream, vanilla, sweetened condensed milk, and semi sweet chocolate or go for the sugar rush of milk chocolate. :) It's REALLY sweet.

Put it all in a crockpot on low for two hours.

Stir often. When you first mix everything doesn't look like much. I was actually a little worried. Then as the chocolate melts it looks much better. 

Whisk and serve! 

Don't forget the toppings!


Right now I'm working on teacher gifts (personalized note pads similar to this POST), our family holiday card (just took photos Sunday, edited, and ordered cards. They arrived yesterday!!!!!), hot chocolate bar for teacher lounge, made 50 chocolate spoons, knitting scarfs, finished our personalized present tags for the entire family, AND I'm having 20 kids at my house for a gingerbread decorating party

Whew! Nothing like taking on several projects all at once!!! Busy, busy, busy, but I love it!!! :)

Can't wait to post some of these and many more!

Hot Chocolate Bar for the teachers with a free downloadable tag 


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